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    Blog - Traffic Ticket Defence

    Traffic Tickets – Paying fines

    If you like many others in the province and have outstanding fines you might find the Blog informative!   First, you will have to contact the Provincial Offences Court, preferably the location that you had received the tickets/fine in! For example, if you got a ticket...

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    Driver’s Licence Covid Delays

    The Covid delays of the Courts and its process have already caused frustration and strain on a fragile system.  More so, it’s played havoc on the long waiting list that Ontario young drivers have endured with the graduated licensing program.  Prior to Covid, waiting...

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    Question – Red Light Camera Ticket

    Question 1 Red Light Camera ticket was received early Aug/16. A request was mailed back to speak with a prosecutor by phone as I do not reside in Hamilton. Never heard anything further except the receipt of a notice to pay fine by a certain date. As the registered...

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    Ontario Speeding Tickets

    Speeding tickets are likely the most common offence issued by the police in Ontario when it comes to the Highway Traffic Act.  Whether up in the northern reaches of Ontario near Dryden or Timmins or to the south in Toronto or Windsor, our roadways are filled will...

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