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Blog - Traffic Ticket Defence

How to Fight Multiple Traffic Tickets

Question: A few days ago I learned a lesson about not arguing with a police officer. I got stopped for running a red light and after getting in the argument with him I drove away with a fist full of tickets. Red light. No isurnace card. Not ‘surrendering’ my driver’s...

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Language Rights

When I worked for an Immigration Consulting Office, I experienced first-hand the many potential difficulties of people who were new to Canada. A language barrier was one of those difficulties.  Here at OTD Ticket Defenders, we are sensitive to the unique situations of...

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Seat Belts – Did You Know?

As a driver, you are responsible for wearing a properly fitting seat belt, and you are responsible for for passengers in the vehicle under the age of 16 to ensure they are wearing a properly fitting seat belt.  DRIVER: Highway Traffic Act , Section 106 (2) Every...

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