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Fight A Careless Driving Ticket In Ontario

A traffic ticket for careless driving in Ontario is not only a financial burden; it is a time burden and an all around inconvenience. This is particularly true if one stands to receive a significant amount of demerit points or lose their licence because of an offence or a number of offences. Over time, demerit points will result in a suspension of your driver’s licence and that is a situation which no one wants face.

Considering the above factors, we advise people to fight a traffic ticket in court, especially when demerit points are involved. Going to court on your own is not something people want to do, not to mention the cost to the person who must take time off work. While going to court is definitely an inconvenience, people must consider the repercussions of going to court on their own, and what losing in court could mean, when the charge is as serious as careless driving.

Due to the accused having to miss work and lose, at a minimum, at least a day’s pay to make their appointed court date, many choose the easy route – which is to plead guilty by paying the ticket. People do not realize that by paying the ticket, not only are there ramifications with one’s driving licence, but the insurance costs for the next few years could easily double. Due to the seriousness of the charge, the demerit points, and the high fine, everyone should consider fighting his or her ticket.

These consequences can be avoided with the help of a traffic ticket paralegal. This is one reason why it is generally a good idea to hire a paralegal who is a traffic ticket defender to handle your violations. In Ontario, traffic ticket defenders are normally paralegals and some are former Prosecutors, who know and fully understand the court process and the laws.

The chances of a positive outcome of a ticket increase significantly when you use a traffic paralegal. You need someone on your side that is familiar with the ins-and-outs of the Ontario court system, and is likely to know the crown prosecutor and other key professionals in the courts.

In Ontario, paralegals fulfill a need in the traffic court process, which would otherwise be filled by the accused alone. Traffic ticket defenders will appear in court for you and in many situations will have your traffic ticket for careless driving reduced and resolved in a more satisfactory manner, than those who try to handle the situation on their own.

The result for you can mean less of a financial burden with no loss of work hours, and more importantly less demerit points. It is not unusual for a person handling their own case, to lose to 4 or 5 days of work, which is a heavy financial loss.

Obviously the best way to avoid going to traffic court is to hire a paralegal and have them handle all the proceedings. They have the expertise and knowledge to handle everything from start to finish and complete your matter with a better outcome than those who try to defend themselves.

We offer a free initial review of your case and would be happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice about what to do with your careless driving ticket. Call us today to discuss your matter in more detail at 1-844-647-6869 or email us at

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