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Help! Speeding Tickets And Demerit Points

This is one of the most common subject titles we see in emails and one of the main reasons people, not only want to fight a speeding ticket, but should fight any traffic violation that involves demerit points. The system is designed to hold drivers accountable for the driving infractions they commit. Rich and poor alike are treated the same with this system, and even if you can easily afford to pay the ticket, the demerit point system levels the playing field.

What Happens When You Get Demerit Points?

People who realize the consequences of demerit points will normally fight a ticket and look for help. There are millions though who do not understand the demerit point system, and believe all they need to do is pay the ticket. Then they wake up to the fact that the demerit points have become very costly for them. Once the ticket is paid, you have effectively plead guilty and have no further recourse.

Luckily, those who do understand demerit points know that they are not marked against their licence until there is a conviction. This allows everyone to choose to fight their ticket and they should, if they want to have the charges reduced or dismissed in court and the demerit points negated.

Demerit Points and an Ontario Drivers Licence

Demerit points affect your licence for a full two years from the date your offence was committed. Sometimes trials can take up to a year to complete which would result in the points only being on your licence for 1 year and they then disappear. Paralegals are quite capable of handling this situation for you, to ensure that you get the desired outcome.

Suspended Drivers Licence in Ontario

Yes, you can lose your G licence for a period of 30 days for having 15 or more demerit point for the first offence. If you reach this number of points after a second offence (within the previous 2 years) you could face a suspension of 6 months. Novice drivers are in a more precarious position as they can have their temporary licence (G1 and G2) suspended 30 days for a fist time offence, demerit points, suspension and 90 days, then cancellation for a second time within a 5 year period.

All of the above situations have unpleasant outcomes and it’s important that you defend yourself or have a paralegal do it for you, when you are charged with offenses that involve demerit points. When you consider the financial penalties, the inconvenience of being unable to drive, and higher insurance rates, it’s clear you need to do everything you can to fight the charges.


Traffic violations are not something to be taken lightly and any tickets with demerit points attached to the conviction should be fought in court. Paralegals are knowledgeable in how to handle a delayed trial, as well as how to get all the necessary documentsto prepare for and present the best case for you. Paralegals know how to work for a more favourable outcome for their clients. For many clients, “time is money” and going through the process themselves is not a consideration and many don’t feel competent enough to handle the procedures themselves.

We offer a free initial review of your case and would be happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice about what to do with your speeding ticket. Call us today to discuss your matter in more detail at 1-844-647-6869 or email us at

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