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    Highway Traffic Act

    The Highway Traffic Act includes regulations that Ontario’s legislature first introduced in 1923. They govern all transport-related issues, including offences and their consequences. The Highway Traffic Act offences therein are revised regularly, which is why you should consult with legal experts any time you face prosecution.

    Driving With a Suspended Licence

    Under the Highway Traffic Act, driving with a suspended licence is punishable by mandatory six-month licence suspensions. On top of that, you’ll pay a fine not less than $1,000 and not exceeding $5,000. Repeat offenders risk jail terms not exceeding six months.

    If you are facing these Highway Traffic Act offences, get in touch with OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services for a free consultation.

    Speeding Tickets

    Speeding ticket convictions can result in the suspension of your licence, hefty fines, demerit points, or all the above. The impact of a speeding offence affects your insurance for upwards of 3 years. With an experienced lawyer, there’s the possibility to get the charges dropped, reduced, or withdrawn.

    Driving With No Insurance

    Driving with no insurance has the highest minimum of all Ontario Highway Traffic Act offences. First offenders get no less than $5,000; repeat offenders get a $10,000 minimum. If you or a loved one are facing these Highway Traffic Act offences, get OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services involved.

    Racing Charges

    Racing charges are issued when an officer notices behaviour indicative of an intention to chase another vehicle. These charges also apply when you drive 50km/hr over a speed limit. The least you can get from these Ontario Highway Traffic Act offences is six demerit points and a $5,000 fine. OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services can help you beat the charges.

    Commercial Drivers (Cvor)

    A traffic ticket can potentially end your driving career. It reduces your employability and sets you up for licence suspension. If you are ever charged with Highway Traffic Act offences, give us a call. Commercial drivers get a free obligation-free consultation.

    Stunt Driving Ticket

    Stunt driving is among the latest additions to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act offences. It comes with an immediate 7-day licence suspension and a conviction may result in a 2-year suspension. Call OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services to help you beat or reduce the penalties.

    Red Light Ticket

    Red light tickets don’t carry steep Highway Traffic Act offences fines. Failure to stop at a red light earns you three demerit points and a fine of $180 to $325. The real impact of the conviction is felt in your insurance, which could double as a result. Call us, and we’ll help you fight the ticket.

    Seatbelt Ticket

    Convictions arising out of seatbelt tickets carry two demerit points, a $200 fine, and a government-imposed $40 surcharge. The demerits inch you closer to a license suspension, and insurers respond in kind by increasing your premiums. Don’t be too quick to plead guilty. Call OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services to discuss your options.

    Careless Driving

    Careless driving is one of the more serious Highway Traffic Act offences. Conviction results in a $400 fine and a $90 government-imposed surcharge. If the offence is issued through a summon, the fine can increase to $50,000.

    Driving carelessly affects your insurability for a period of about 3–6 years. Careless driving is easily translated into Highway Traffic Act criminal offences. You could face criminal charges if the relevant authorities interpret your driving to be dangerous. If you are caught on the wrong side of this regulation, our experienced legal team can help.

    Accident Charges

    The magnitude of an accident informs the severity of the fine carried by the relevant charges. A conviction can see the cancellation of your licence or earn you substantial demerit points, but the ticket doesn’t delve into those details.

    You may even think you’re being ticketed for one of the milder Highway Traffic Act offences with no demerit points. Don’t be too quick to settle, call OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services.

    Over 50 Charges

    Going 50km/hr over the delegated speed limit can see you get as many as six demerits. These Highway Traffic Act offences are easily conjoined with multiple offences, like stunt driving and careless driving. Without sound legal advice, you could easily fall victim to numerous convictions that may invite the termination of your licence.

    Using a Hand-Held Device

    As of January 1, 2019, these highway traffic offences carry a minimum fine of $500 and three demerit points. The tricky part with the regulation is that you don’t necessarily need to communicate over a hand-held device to break the law.

    Driving while holding a mobile device violates the law. Even if it’s a smartwatch on your wrist, you’re not allowed to use it—independent of whether it’s connected to the internet or your phone. Call OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services to help you navigate through this complicated regulation.

    Failing to Remain at the Scene of an Accident

    Failing to remain at the scene of a vehicle accident is among the most broadly interpreted Highway Traffic Act offences. The most obvious scenario is when a driver flees an accident that they are actively involved. The late reporting of an accident may also fall under failure to remain at the scene of an accident.

    Since this is a serious offence, you should contact us immediately if you’re charged.

    Failing to Report an Accident

    You are obligated to report any accident that results in the damage of property. Whether you’re directly or indirectly involved in the incident, failure to report can result in hefty fines or a record of conviction. If you are ever involved in an accident, call OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services for guidance.

    How Can I Fight My Ticket?

    If you are facing anything on the list of Ontario Highway Traffic Act offences, get in touch with us. Most of these proceedings don’t require your physical attendance. Get our Highway Traffic Act offences experts to represent you for the best possible outcome.

    Call OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services on our toll-free number: 1-844-647-6869. We offer free consultations with no strings attached. You can also email at or text us at 226-240-2480. You are also free to submit a consultation request online at any given time: Our staff will get in touch with you during regular business hours.