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The city of Timmins is located in northern Ontario it is one of the larger communities of northern Ontario. It is located in the district of Cochran in the most southern portion. It is one of the larger communities of northern Ontario. It is known for gold-mining and the DeBeers diamond mine. With a population of approximately 43,000 there are many Highway Traffic Act charges that are laid in this community.

The charges usually involve a mix of normal G class drivers and professional drivers. If a driver is charged in this community it is common for this person to contact OTD Legal Services. This particular area has been serviced by OTD Legal and its staff for decades. Mr. Harper and his team are well known in the community for their professional and successful management of charges in these courts.

If you have been involved in an accident or if you’ve been stopped by the police or MTO officer, please call or contact the OTD team. You may be charged with a simple offence or you may be charged with a series of offences. Regardless, we can help you. There are many benefits to our representation including not having to attend the courthouse. This usually saves many clients the expense of having to travel back to the community on many occasions. We are aware of how expensive it is to manage your traffic ticket defence. We have been doing this job for decades. We have become a household name in Ontario for our strong representation.

We will contact you throughout the process to keep you aware of what will be happening with your charge. We will regularly consult with you as necessary to ensure your position is expertly advocated and that you are kept in the loop. Please do not hesitate to contact OTD Legal for your free consultation. You may wish to email or call, either way we will be able to assist you in your time of need.

Have you been charged by the police and are looking to have your ticket or summons reviewed? We offer a no-cost review to help provide basic information about your offence and the court process so that you can make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed in protecting your interests. Ticket reviews are conducted by telephone through our head office toll-free at 1-866-591-9206.

While we do maintain administrative locations to meet with existing clients for trial preparation or to pickup or drop off documents, these locations are by appointment only. All administration, court correspondence, and client contact is through our head office at:

Email us at [email protected]
For a fast, free quote, text a picture of your ticket to 226-240-2480 

Ron Harper
A licensed paralegal with over 30 years of experience in traffic offences. Founder of OTD Ticket Defenders.