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Red light camera tickets are issued when a person runs a red light or amber light at an intersection with a camera equipped to register their speed and the color of the light. The camera takes a picture of the vehicle and a ticket is mailed to the registered owner. Red light camera tickets have an expensive fine associated with them but no demerit points. The registered owner of the motor vehicle is responsible for paying the fine, no matter who was actually driving the motor vehicle at the time of the offence. If the registered owner does not pay the fine, their registration will be refused when they go to renew it. A red light camera ticket does not affect a person’s driving record or their insurance rate. As these tickets are simply a matter of a court fine, they are generally not cost-effective in hiring a paralegal. However, if you do have questions about your red light camera ticket, you can contact our staff at OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services to learn about what options are available to you.