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Contest Your Speeding Ticket – Windsor, ON

Traffic tickets, particularly for speeding, are commonplace in Windsor, as they are in other urban areas in Ontario. These violations can significantly impact your driving record and lead to higher insurance rates.

OTD Legal is here to help whether you’re aiming to avoid a conviction or start an appeal in Windsor. You don’t have to face the legal system alone.

Defining Speeding According to the Highway Traffic Act

Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA), speeding entails driving faster than the speed limit set for a particular roadway. These limits are designed to protect the safety of all road users. The severity of speeding can vary, as can the consequences for these offences.

Stunt Driving

If you go over the speed limit by 40 km/hr in areas where it’s less than 80 km/hr, exceed it by 50 km/hr in zones of 80 km/hr or more, or drive a vehicle at 150 km/hr or faster, you may be charged with stunt driving. This offence can lead to the immediate suspension of your license, the impoundment of your vehicle, and the issuance of large fines.

Careless Driving

Speeding that exhibits a disregard for the safety of other road users can be considered careless driving. The penalties for this offence range from fines to license suspension, and potentially jail time. For those issued with a careless driving ticket in Windsor, OTD is at your service to help craft your defence.

The Consequences of Speeding

Speeding infractions can lead to different outcomes, each dependent on the gravity of the specific provincial offences involved.


The cost of your fine for a speeding ticket is directly related to how much you exceed the speed limit, beginning at $2.50 per km/h for minor infractions (1-19 km/h over) and increasing upwards of $9.75 per km/h for extreme cases of speeding.

Insurance Premiums

Speeding convictions often result in elevated insurance rates. Insurance companies assess the severity of each violation, your overall driving record, your age, and the category of your license when calculating premiums. Repeated speeding offences could lead to being deemed uninsurable by regular insurance companies.

Demerit Points and Driving Record

Speeding convictions usually involve demerit points on your driving record. Having too many points can trigger the suspension of your driver’s license. These convictions also remain on your record for an extended period and affect your overall driving history.


Engaging in extreme speeding that threatens the safety of others on the road, especially when it leads to bodily harm, can lead to imprisonment.

Speeding for Novice and Commercial Drivers

Novice and commercial drivers are subject to different regulations when it comes to speeding:

Novice Drivers

Novice drivers with G1, G2, M1, or M2 licenses face more strict repercussions for speeding. A first offence involving four or more demerit points can trigger a license suspension, and in some situations, may even result in license cancellation.

Commercial Drivers

For drivers holding a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR), being convicted of speeding could mean losing their job, facing obstacles in securing new work, and the risk of undergoing an MTO audit.

How OTD Ticket Defenders Can Assist You

When you’re issued a speeding ticket, turn to OTD Legal. Our team has a wealth of experience handling traffic violation cases, along with specific knowledge of the laws and Ontario court processes involved. We’re committed to representing you and strengthening your case by:

  • Analyzing your ticket and other evidence.
  • Managing all essential court submissions, documentation, and communications before your court appearance.
  • Working diligently with prosecutors to achieve the most favourable result for your traffic violation.
  • Developing robust legal defences on your behalf.
  • Serving as your official legal representative in court proceedings when required.


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    To learn more about speeding ahead of your consultation, checkout our Speeding Ticket Overview and How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Ontario resources.