There Is Help! There Is Hope! We Are Here To Provide Ticket Defence Throughout Ontario And Beyond

After getting a  traffic ticket, you may just want to give up, pay the fine, and move on. However, you should know that paying a traffic ticket requires you to plead guilty to the offence. If you want to avoid conviction and keep a clean driving record to protect your insurance, you’ll need someone to help you fight the ticket—someone who has been through the court process and will stand by you as you dispute the charges. You will need someone with decades of experience in the ticket defence universe. OTD Legal is that firm.

We do not use your fears against you, we do not provide you with unrealistic expectations. We provide honest, frank advice and traffic ticket defence services at reasonable prices.

We are dedicated to providing legal ticket defence help at the highest professional standard. Rather than promise certain results, we provide answers and information about your offence and work with you to get the best possible outcome. We also have set fees for representation: no matter who you are, our ticket defence fee doesn’t change.

It Costs You Nothing for Our Free Ticket Defence Consultation

If you’ve recently received a traffic citation in Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, or New York, we offer a free review of your ticket or summons so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Contact us today to set up a no-cost consultation, or text a picture of your ticket to (226) 240-2480 for a fast, free quote.