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Testimonials From Our Ticket Defence Clients

Our clients were once in your shoes, but they have been able to put their legal problems behind them. Browse our recent testimonials to hear our clients talk about the charges they were facing, their concerns about the future, and their overall experience working with our ticket defence legal team.

Amazing experience from start to finish. From the front desk to the court attendant I had an amazing experience. No stone was left unturned. My offence was a texting and driving ticket, the team at OTD walked me through the entire process and gave me the confidence to know what would transpire during the hearing. Because of the team at OTD, I was able to walk out of the courtroom with no fine or demerit points. It pays to have representation, don’t think you can do it yourself, trust the best in the game, trust OTD.

I had really wonderful experience with OTD Legal Team they are truly Trustworthy and Responsive. Will definitely recommend to everyone who is in trouble especially for speeding tickets.

Helped me out HUGE! Totally saved the day when I got wrongfully charged. Highly recommend!!!

I naively thought I’d be able to defend my traffic ticket myself but a friend recommended OTD because he had a positive experience in the past with their service. I am so glad I called. Chris was professional and kind during the initial communication. During my phone calls with Angela, she was professional, easy to talk to, and calmed me down. I can’t say enough about OTD. Thank you seems so trivial.

Excellent and professional service, they helped my mom and demonstrated good advocacy, professional and helpful way. I highly recommend them.

Amazing company! I had a pretty serious charge and they had it withdrawn! I can’t thank you enough for your help and talking me through the process, great job.

I would say it’s above the 5-star service that serve by these highly appreciated people. You just walk in there, hand over the case, then you don’t even need to worry about a court date. I had a speeding ticket with 3 demerit points for an offence of driving at 121kmph on a highway of 80kmph. And what they do..they removed it completely no demerit as well as no ticket shown up in my driving history. Thank you guys for great service.

I want to thank the OTD team for all their help. They were kind, considerate, and professional. I felt no hesitation asking any questions I had and all my questions were answered. I am so glad I chose to contact OTD and will be recommending them to everyone I know who are seeking help with their traffic tickets.

Great company to deal with. Looked after my issue without me being there and saved me a huge amount of money. Highly recommend them. Thanks so much!!!