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Don’t Plead Guilty to Accident Charges in Ontario Without Consulting Our Ticket Defence Team

Car accidents happen every day on Canada’s roadways. An accident could be a single-vehicle collision where the driver strikes an object or goes off the roadway, or it could be a collision with a pedestrian, bicyclist, or another motor vehicle. Both regular drivers and commercial motor vehicle drivers such as transport truck drivers can be ticketed for causing a collision.

The severity of the offence can range from a single-vehicle collision with no injury or damage up to a commercial motor vehicle collision involving multiple vehicles, the transportation of dangerous goods, and death. Generally, the severity of the incident will be reflected in the type of offence issued by the police and the severity of the penalty issued by the court.

Car Accident Tickets vs A Summons

Simpler matters tend to be issued by way of what most people would refer to as a “ticket.” These matters are prosecuted by a Municipal or MTO Prosecutor depending on whether you are a regular or commercial motor vehicle driver. A ticket provides basic information about the alleged offence along with a very brief summary of your immediate options. The fine for the offence is clearly listed at the bottom of the ticket. Unfortunately, a ticket does not provide information about demerit points, impact to insurance, or any potential MTO suspension or cancellation of your license should you plead guilty or be convicted.

More serious accidents will generally result in an offence being issued by way of summons. These matters are prosecuted by a Provincial Crown Prosecutor or an MTO Prosecutor, depending on whether you are a regular or a commercial motor vehicle driver. A summons will list the time, day, and location of your First Appearance hearing at court. Unlike a ticket, a summons does not list a specific fine, as these charges generally have very large fines that range from a minimum to a maximum fine. These charges may also include the possibility of imprisonment or suspension of a driver’s license.

Consequences of a Car Accident Conviction

If convicted of an offence, that offence will remain a permanent record of conviction against you. Demerit points can lead to a warning from the MTO, an MTO interview, or a suspension or cancellation of your driver’s license. A conviction can also result in an increase in insurance costs or being forced onto high-risk insurance.

Commercial motor vehicle drivers can face the additional penalty of CVOR points. CVOR points can cause problems for their employer and result in termination of employment for the driver. There is an extra burden for transport truck drivers to protect their driving records as any conviction can directly impact their employment and employability.

Novice drivers such as G1, G2, M1, or M2 drivers are especially vulnerable when an accident occurs. Such drivers may already be considered high-risk or nearly high-risk for insurance coverage. A conviction could result in insurance costs being very high or being completely out of reach. Novice driver licenses are also subject to escalated sanctions and penalties for any offence carrying four or more demerit points, which can result in a suspension or revocation of their driver’s license.

Car Accident Ticket Defence

Before providing a statement to the police or deciding how to proceed after being charged, you will need basic information to make an informed decision. It is important to know your rights, the consequences of a conviction, and what legal options are available to you. Any statement that you make to the police may be written down to be used against you at court. An uninformed guilty plea or unintended legal misstep can have enormous, life-altering consequences that you are not aware of.

The most common collision-related charges under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act are:

* Court fines are also subject to the victim fine surcharge and $5.00 court cost.

Commercial motor vehicle drivers can also face CVOR point penalties as follows:


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