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Can I Get a Ticket For Pulling a Person Behind My Vehicle

Posted: August 30, 2016
By: Ron Harper


I’ve been told that it is illegal to pull people behind your vehicle. Sometimes for fun I like to pull one of my buddies behind the truck on a set of rollerblades or skateboard on a rope. No one gets hurt. We’re grown adults even if its just for stupid fun I can’t see the police really caring. Can you clear this up for us?


You certainly could get in trouble with the law for doing this. There is a section of the Highway Traffic Act that specifically prohibits such use of a vehicle:

Towing of persons on bicycles, toboggans, etc., prohibited

160. No driver of a vehicle or street car shall permit any person riding, riding on or operating a bicycle, coaster, toboggan, sled, skateboard, toy vehicle or any other type of conveyance or wearing roller skates, in-line skates or skis to attach the same, himself or herself to the vehicle or street car on a highway. 2015, c. 14, s. 48.

A conviction would result in a record of conviction on your driving record including a 2 demerit point penalty. If the offence occurred in a community safety zone, it is also possible that the fine issued against you could be doubled.

Certainly if you do become charged by the police, it makes good sense to seek out legal advice regarding your rights and to determine whether your matter has a defence or could potentially be reduced to a lesser offence. We offer a no-cost initial review of matters via our toll-free number 1-844-647-6869 or can be contacted at

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