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Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Brampton, ON

Facing A Traffic Ticket In Brampton?

It is important to know your legal options. Don’t simply pay a fine if you are new to Brampton or if you are a long time resident who has been issued a traffic ticket. Look into your legal options; hiring traffic ticket lawyers can give you the best possible chance forward at a favorable outcome without getting convicted. It is important for you to keep your record as clean as possible and for you to avoid pleading guilty to charges if you do not know all of your legal options. Don’t face this challenge alone – let OTD Legal provide you with the best support and legal representation you need.

How We Help You With Your Ticket

  • Free, No-Obligation Consultation: We start by assessing your case, discussing the circumstances, and exploring defence options.
  • Custom Defence Strategies: We provide personalized defence aimed at reducing or dismissing your charges.
  • Professional Court Representation: We represent you in court, leveraging our knowledge and experience to best serve your case.
  • Negotiation for Lesser Charges: When dismissal isn’t possible, we negotiate to minimize the impact on your driving record and insurance rates.

Why OTD Legal is Your Ideal Traffic Ticket Defence Partner

OTD Legal Services prides itself on providing superior legal services to its clients. Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and with population growth comes many drivers unfamiliar with the area. Drivers new to an area can get confused about the layout of the area and can find themselves taking a wrong turn onto a one-way street or not realizing that the speed limit decreases and can find themselves being stopped by police for speeding without realizing that they were not following the speed limit on a particular street. New Brampton residents also can forget to update their license and registration with their new address and contact information. Tickets issued can result in costly fines and points against a driver’s record.

Contact OTD Legal Services if you have been issued a traffic ticket. OTD Legal Services has an experienced team that knows all of the options available to their clients when they are faced with a traffic ticket. We have a deep understanding of the Highway Traffic Act and often have the best strategy to properly protect your driving record. OTD Legal Services has many years of experience in defending traffic tickets in Brampton for all residents new to the area as well as long-time local residents with their legal issues. OTD Legal can help you to learn all of the options available to you if you are issued and want to fight traffic tickets.

Fighting Traffic Tickets: From Consultation to Courtroom

Initial Consultation

Starting with a free, no-obligation consultation allows us to understand the specifics of your situation and advise on the reasonable doubt that may exist in your case. This first step is very important in forming a strong defence and understanding all the traffic offences specific to your case.


Building Your Defence

Knowing the law, understanding court processes, and having the ability to speak on your behalf in court are pillars of our service. From minor infractions like seat belt violations to serious charges such as driving under suspension, we prepare a defence aimed at protecting your interests.


In Court

Our legal team represents you in all Brampton court procedures, advocating for your rights and working towards minimizing the consequences of the offence. Whether it’s negotiating for reduced fines or fighting for a dismissal, we’re dedicated to achieving the best outcome.


Protecting Your Driving Record and Insurance Rates

The long term effects of traffic violations can be significant. A conviction can lead to increased insurance costs, demerit points, and even result in a suspended license. Our goal at OTD Legal is to mitigate these impacts, maintaining your clean driving record and keeping insurance rates in check.

Traffic Ticket FAQs

Can any traffic ticket be contested?

Yes, nearly every traffic ticket can be contested in court. We specialize in a wide range of offences under the Highway Traffic Act and can advise you on the best course of action for your specific situation.

What are the benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in Brampton?

Hiring OTD Legal significantly increases your chances of a favourable outcome when it comes to your charge. We can reduce your charge, reduce demerit points and potentially lower your insurance premiums.

How does the process work with OTD Legal?

After contacting us for your free consultation, we’ll review your ticket and discuss the details of your case. If you decide to proceed, we’ll represent you in all legal proceedings, from filing paperwork to court appearances, aiming for the best possible outcome.

What if my case goes to trial?

If your case goes to trial, we will be by your side the whole way, including the best possible representation. We always ensure you have the strongest possible defence.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, we pride ourselves on transparency. All costs will be discussed upfront during your free consultation, so there are no surprises later on.

We Are Local

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OTD Legal Services was started by Ron Harper. Ron Harper and his legal team are proud to offer their Brampton clients great legal services. OTD Legal Services is conveniently located to serve its clients and can also be contacted by phone at our toll-free number at 1-866-591-9206,by e-mail at or by visiting one of our offices at

OTD Legal Services has experience with clients who have faced many different traffic charges, both simple and complicated. OTD Legal Services has helped clients with simple matters such as speeding, failing to stop at an amber/red light, failing to stop at a stop sign, and failing to wear a seat belt. OTD Legal Services has also helped clients with more serious matters such as careless driving, driving with a suspended license, and failing to remain at the scene of an accident. OTD Legal Services can explain all of your options and all of the consequences you can face if you choose to plead guilty to the offence as charged.

OTD Legal Services is here to help you. Contact us today to discuss your legal options.

Have you been charged by the police and are looking to have your ticket or summons reviewed? We offer a no-cost review to help provide basic information about your offence and the court process so that you can make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed in protecting your interests. Ticket reviews are conducted by telephone through our head office toll-free at 1-866-591-9206.

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Our Services

Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are common offenses. If ticketed, understand your legal rights, consequences, and options. Avoid simply paying; we can often reduce charges or find legal grounds for dismissal. Make informed decisions to safeguard rights and insurance rates.

Suspended License

Driving on a suspended license is a serious offence, potentially leading to jail time and hefty fines. If you’ve received a ticket or court summons for this in Ontario, OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services can assist.

Careless Driving

Facing a careless driving charge in Ontario? Our team at OTD Legal, comprised of skilled lawyers and paralegals, is here to assist you. Our experienced team at OTD Legal understands the complexities of these charges and can provide the guidance and representation you need to navigate this challenging situation.

Cellphone Use & Distracted Driving

Driver distraction causes numerous preventable accidents annually, treated seriously under Canadian law. If you face a distracted driving ticket or court summons, OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services can advocate for you.

Accident Charges

Accidents can unexpectedly disrupt life, causing immediate inconveniences and long-term consequences. If you’ve received a ticket or court summons related to a crash, OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services is here to assist.

Fail To Remain / Report

Failing to remain at a collision scene is a grave offence with severe consequences. Conviction may lead to hefty penalties, license loss, and increased insurance costs for high-risk drivers. Safeguard your interests with our experienced team.

Emergency Vehicles

Failure to stop for emergency vehicles is a serious offense. If cited, seek help from OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services. Get Your Free Consultation With Us Today!


If you’ve been convicted of a civil traffic offense, you can appeal the decision to mitigate consequences. OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services aids in preparing your appeal, safeguarding your driving privileges and record.

Stunt Driving and Racing Tickets

If the police have charged you with Stunt Racing, you’re going to need to seek out critical information to make sure that you are making informed decisions to avoid legal missteps and protect your insurance rates and pocketbook.

CVOR / Commercial Tickets

For commercial motor vehicle drivers dealing with a CVOR ticket, understanding the consequences is crucial before deciding on a course of action.

Failure to Wear Seat Belt

If you’ve been ticketed for not wearing your seatbelt, avoid steep fines, points, and insurance hikes. Before admitting guilt, consult with OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services.

Failure to Obey Stop Sign

Don’t underestimate the impact of failing to obey a stop sign. Before paying your ticket, consult with OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services for a confidential and free consultation.

Driving While Disqualified

Driving while disqualified is a severe criminal offense with potential jail time and vehicle impoundment. If you face charges, OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services is here to help.

HOV Lane Ticket

If you have received a ticket or summons for Improper Use of the HOV Lane, contact OTD Legal Services as soon as possible. We can help you defend yourself and look out for your best interest.

Failure To Yield Ticket

Entrust OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services to contest your traffic tickets and pursue appeals, including “failure to yield” charges. From right-of-way issues to stop sign violations, our seasoned team is committed to protecting your rights and ensuring fair treatment under the law.

Unsafe Turn Ticket

Unsafe turn tickets, or Turn – Not in Safety tickets, are issued for a variety of reasons in Ontario. Our team is one of the most successful firms in Ontario at winning unsafe turn violation charges.

Following Too Closely

Paying a follow too closely ticket can also result in a driver’s license suspension. If you have been charged with Follow Too Closely in Ontario, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation.

Failing to Stop for a School Bus

Due to the serious nature of this charge, it is always best to talk to an experienced paralegal before deciding how to proceed. Our team can help uncover defences that may be available to you.