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Traffic Ticket Lawyers and Paralegals in Hamilton, ON

For the majority of traffic tickets that we help clients with, it is common for matters to be settled without the need for a full trial, so you don’t ever set foot in a court room to deal with the court process. Our professional team is here to help anyone who has received traffic tickets in Hamilton, Ontario avoid costly and bothersome interruptions to their work or school obligations while protecting their legal, licensing, and insurance interests. 

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When it comes to a traffic offence, some defendants simply plead guilty to their charges without being aware of the costly penalties, including demerit points, fines, license suspensions, increased insurance premiums, or even imprisonment, that will result from that conviction. Beyond the standard penalties in the Criminal Code, novice drivers, such as G1 or G2 license holders, are also subject to ‘escalated sanctions’ for offences that carry 4 or greater demerit point penalties. These additional penalties range from suspension to revocation of the driver’s license. 

Once you have been convicted by the court by pleading guilty, trying to undo convictions for traffic violations becomes a much more expensive legal endeavor that will generally have poorer results than having properly dealt with it in advance of conviction.


Professional Service From an Experienced Traffic Ticket Team

For almost all cases we can provide you with a relatively low, flat rate cost for the legal work involved so that you can make an informed decision about the costs and benefits of contesting your case at court. 

The majority of cases we assist clients with can be resolved in advance of trial by meeting with the Prosecutor on their behalf. Our paralegals will file for a release of the evidence that will be held against you at trial, and review it with the Prosecutor at an early resolution meeting. 


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Where possible, our first goal is to simply have any charges issued against you withdrawn based on the legal merits of the Prosecutor’s case. If the charges issued against you cannot be withdrawn, we will then negotiate in your best interests to reduce the number or the nature of charges you are facing, or the penalties associated with those charges. If an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, you will then have the advantage of having a licensed and experienced paralegal to argue on your behalf at trial.

Our professional team assists clients, like you, with simple charges such as speeding, operating a motor vehicle with no license, disobeying a stop sign, failing to properly wear a seatbelt, or failure to stop at an amber / red light. We can also provide assistance with more serious charges under the Highway Traffic Act or the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, such as careless driving, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, driving under suspension, fail to remain at the scene of a collision, stunt driving/race motor vehicle, fail to stop for school bus, or provide false information to a police officer or police officers. 

We also assist commercial motor vehicle drivers with MTO offences, however, our traffic lawyers and paralegals cannot provide assistance with serious criminal code violations. 


About Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is located in southern Ontario in the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, alongside highways 407, 403, 6 and the QEW at the southwest end of Lake Ontario. Other areas with the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth include Stoney Creek, Barton, Beverly, Caistor, Glanford, Onondaga, Binbrook, Ancaster, Saltfleet, Seneca, Flamborough, Dundas, and Glanbrook. 

Hamilton is the home of McMaster University, McMaster Divinity College, Mohawk College, Columbia International College, and Redeemer University College, seeing an annual movement of students in and out of the Hamilton area. OTD Legal Services is here to assist you with your Highway Traffic Act or Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act charges whether you are a permanent resident or a student temporarily in the area for academic studies.


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