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Traffic Ticket Lawyers & Paralegals in Ignace, ON

Ignace Court

The Ignace Provincial Offences Courthouse is located at North Woods Motor Inn on Highway 17 East in Ignace, Ontario. This courthouse is a satellite court of the Dryden Provincial Offences Court, which also deals with court administration for satellite courts in Vermilion Bay, Sioux Lookout, and Pickle Lake. 

Common charges issued to passersby in this area include Speeding, Stunt Driving, distracted driving (Drive – Hand-Held Communication Device & Careless Driving), Fail to Wear Seatbelt, and Improper Turning/Passing charges. For residents, the most common charges are Driving While Under Suspension, Operating a Motor Vehicle without Insurance and No Validation on Plate charges. Locals also make up a generous percent of the Speeding charges issued in the Ignace area as well. 

Ignace sees a lot of commercial motor vehicles passing through due to its proximity to Manitoba and the US border. Ignace roads are patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). With Trans-Canada Highway 17 being the only way into or out of town, the police have a low tolerance for traffic violators. Since any major collision could potentially shut the highway down, aggressive, dangerous, careless, or distracted driving behaviour is not tolerated by the OPP in this area. 

Many of the Speeding tickets issued in Ignace are for seemingly minor speeds. However, a conviction for speed as low as 30 km/hr over the posted speed limit will suspend a novice driver’s license, as will a Follow Too Closely charge or a Fail to Yield to Pedestrian charge. Many of our clients are simply unaware of the consequences of paying a traffic ticket and decide to do what they feel is the easiest option. Even fully licensed drivers could accumulate enough demerit points to suspend their driver’s license.

The best way to ensure you know what penalties you face is to call our office. We are experienced and knowledgeable and can answer all your traffic ticket related questions. We also offer free, no obligation consultations and quotes, so you can weigh your options. We make all court appearances for you, request and review the evidence, schedule and meet with the prosecutor, and conduct a trial (if necessary) on your behalf. We offer Block Fees, so the quote you receive during the consultation is a one-time fee and covers everything from start to finish. We are good at fighting traffic tickets because it is all we do. 

If you have been issued a ticket or summons in the Ignace area, call, text, or submit your ticket online to begin the process. We are here to help!


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