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L’Orignal Court

I was given a ticket in L’Orignal. How can you help?

OTD Legal Services can fight your traffic ticket(s) in L’Orignal. If you have received a ticket or summons in the L’Orignal area, call our office for a free, no obligation quote. We offer block fees (one-time, upfront fee), and your attendance in court is usually not required. We have experienced licensed paralegals who regularly attend the L’Orignal courthouse. A good rapport with the court and prosecution staff can go a long way in this process. The team at OTD Legal is well-known all over Ontario for our successful litigation and ability to resolve our client’s matters to their satisfaction. 

My ticket has a court date on it. Do I have to go to court?

The differences between a traffic ticket and a traffic summons are vast. A traffic ticket requires a driver to file paperwork with the court to advise them that you intend to dispute the ticket. A summons requires a driver to attend court on the specified court date. Summonses are issued when there is no set fine for the offence. It is up to the court to determine the penalties that you receive. Serious charges are typically issued on a summons, while minor charges are issued on a ticket. This is, however, not always the case. A traffic ticket could have severe consequences for the driver. For example, a Drive – Hand-Held Communication Device carries a mandatory driver’s license suspension. If you pay a ticket, you are pleading guilty, therefore you will receive all the penalties associated with the charge. We can attend court on your behalf upon being retained by you.

I am guilty. How can I fight the ticket?

Even if you feel that you “deserve” the charge, there is usually some way that we can help you. There are traffic ticket charges that will have consequences for years to come, including insurance implications, license suspensions/cancellations, demerit points, etc. Even if you feel you did something wrong, there is still a chance that we can have the charge withdrawn or at least reduce the penalties. You have the right to fight a traffic ticket, no matter how “guilty” you feel.

The officer said they won’t show up for court. Is this true?

In most cases, this is misinformation. The officer is typically scheduled for a court appearance when they are on paid duty, therefore it is part of their job. If they do not attend court, they risk getting in trouble or losing their job. Many officers will say anything to diffuse the situation at the side of the road. Their intention is to get back on the road as soon as possible, not to mislead you. However, we hear about officers giving misleading information all the time. If it was common for an officer to not show up in court, fighting a traffic ticket would be very easy for anyone.

How do I get help with my traffic charge?

Call, text, or visit us online to get started. We require a clear picture of your ticket and your phone number to provide you a free consultation and block-fee quote.

Address: 59 Court Street, L’Orignal, Ontario


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