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Experienced Paralegals and Lawyers for Minor Summary Criminal Charges & Traffic Tickets – Mississauga, ON

OTD Legal Services is a team of legal professionals who have decades of experience fighting Provincial Offences and minor Summary Criminal charges. Our team of experienced paralegals and lawyers attend court regularly in Mississauga. Our only goal is to provide excellent service and produce the best results for our clients. OTD Legal Services always has your best interest in mind!

We offer affordable legal services on a block fee system. Many of our clients have attempted to defend themselves in court in the past and ended up with poor or mediocre results. Without the support of a professional service, most drivers do not know all the options available to them when they receive traffic tickets or minor charges. By not looking into your options, you could be pleading guilty to a beatable offence. 

We explain your traffic ticket defence options during your free consultation and give you all the information you need to help you decide if your traffic violations or minor criminal charges are worth fighting. We offer free consultations for Mississauga traffic tickets, so you have nothing to lose by calling our office! 

What Options Do I Have When I Receive a Mississauga Traffic Ticket or Minor Criminal Charge?

If you receive a traffic ticket, such as a speeding ticket, and decide to pay it, you are pleading guilty and will receive all the penalties that come with the offence. Penalties can include a large fine, demerit points, and license suspensions. More serious charges and summary criminal charges may even result in imprisonment. Insurance rate increases can range from hundreds to even tens of thousands of dollars. This is why it is crucial to be informed and to seek the advice of a legal professional before making a decision about how to proceed with any charge you have received. 

At OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services, we handle a diverse range of Provincial Offences, ensuring exceptional defense for various traffic violations, including offences such as Speeding, Careless Driving, Stunt Driving, and Red Light tickets. We also offer representation for minor summary criminal charges, such as Dangerous Driving and Driving While Prohibited .

What sets us apart is our exclusive focus on driving-related offenses. By concentrating solely on this area of law, we provide you with the advantage of experienced legal representation for all your traffic-related charges. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of traffic laws and court procedures, allowing us to effectively defend your rights. 

Mississauga Traffic Court Location

The Mississauga Provincial Offences Courthouse is located at 950 Burnhamthorpe Road West. With many motorists traveling along Highway 401 daily, and the Toronto Pearson International Airport within its borders, the Mississauga Provincial Offences Courthouse is a busy place. The courthouse prosecutes Provincial Offences issued by police officers on summonses and tickets in the Regional Municipality of Peel. The courthouse hears charges issued under Ontario legislation, including the Highway Traffic Act, Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, and the Cannabis Control Act.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Charges or Traffic Tickets in Mississauga

Call 226-647-6869 or visit OTD Legal Services if you are charged with a traffic offence or minor summary criminal charge. We offer a no-cost consultation to help you decide how to best protect your interests. We will answer your questions about your offence and the court process. To get your free consultation, send a picture of your Mississauga traffic ticket or summons or text a picture to 226-240-2480. Once received, our team will review your charge(s) and call you to discuss your options. Contact us today! 

Mississauga Courthouse 

950 Burnhamthorpe Rd W

Mississauga, ON L5C 3B4


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Mississauga Courthouse