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Experienced Lawyers and Paralegals for Traffic Tickets – Toronto, ON

If you have received a Careless Driving or Speeding ticket in Toronto, you are charged with an offence under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. You will likely be facing a significant number of demerit points being added to your driving record. 

Without exploring your options, you might unknowingly plead guilty to an offense that could be successfully challenged. At OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services, we provide a free consultation where we discuss and explain your available options. We equip you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision about whether it is worthwhile to fight your traffic ticket in Toronto.

With our decades of experience in fighting traffic tickets in Toronto, and as licensed and insured members of the Law Society of Ontario, OTD Ticket Defenders is here to help you eliminate your charges and demerit points. By having a skilled traffic ticket lawyer or paralegal on your side, you can confidently defend yourself, your driver’s license status and your insurance rates.

Driving in Toronto

At OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services, we understand the unique challenges that drivers face in Toronto. As one of the busiest cities in Ontario, Toronto’s traffic courts handle a significant number of cases. Our experienced team of traffic ticket lawyers and paralegals is here to provide exceptional defense and legal representation to drivers in Toronto.

With bumper-to-bumper traffic, a large number of pedestrians, and numerous distractions, Toronto police officers vigilantly enforce the rules of the road and issue many traffic tickets on a daily basis. Our knowledgeable professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of Toronto’s traffic laws and court procedures. Whether you’re dealing with speeding tickets, careless driving charges, red light violations, or other traffic offenses, we have the expertise to effectively defend your rights. 

Traffic lawyers and paralegals strive to protect your driving record, minimize demerit points, and prevent insurance rate increases. With OTD Ticket Defenders by your side, you can have confidence in your defense and rely on our extensive experience in the Toronto court.

Have You Received Toronto Speeding Tickets or Other Traffic Violations?

Drivers find themselves being charged with traffic violations under the Highway Traffic Act for things like Distracted Driving, Speeding, Failing to Yield to Pedestrians, Careless Driving or a variety of other traffic tickets. Our team of experienced paralegals and lawyers licensed by the Law Society of Ontario will take the stress out of fighting your traffic ticket.

If you choose to hire or retain OTD Ticket Defenders, you will in most cases not need to attend traffic court or navigate Toronto’s legal system. This will save you time and money by not having to come back and try to find and pay for parking at a courthouse in downtown Toronto. You will also not need to take time off work for your trial date, as we will do that on your behalf. 

Fight Traffic Tickets in Toronto With Confidence

By hiring or retaining our firm for legal services you can expect an experienced, successful, and professional litigator to advocate for your best interests. Please take time to review the many positive Google reviews associated with our legal representation in the Ontario Provincial Offences Court to get some insight into our strong reputation in the industry.

The first step in any legal representation is to attempt to have your charge withdrawn or dismissed. It is our mission to succeed by either removing the charge completely or having the demerit points eliminated. We also work aggressively to have fines eliminated or reduced. The result time and time again is a significant savings for clients and a reduced insurance rate. 

Toronto Courthouse Locations

Toronto has three Provincial Offences courthouse locations: Toronto East, Toronto South, and Toronto West. These courthouses are located as follows:

Toronto East

1530 Markham Road, Scarborough, ON M1B 3G4

Toronto Courthouse

Toronto South

Old City Hall, 60 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2M3

Toronto West

2700 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON M6M 1V1

Toronto West

Contact Us To Discuss Your Ticket

If you have received a traffic ticket in the Toronto area, we are here to help! Get the process started with a free consultation. Email a picture of your ticket and your phone number or text a picture of your ticket to 226-240-2480. Once we receive your email or text, a member of our team of experienced lawyers and paralegals will review your violation and call you to discuss your charge(s). During the free consultation, we will advise you about the penalties you are facing, explain how we can help, and provide you with a quote for our services. 

Upon being retained, we will:

  • Respond to your ticket to advise the court you are disputing it.
  • Request, receive, and review the evidence against you.
  • Schedule and attend all meetings with the Prosecutor to negotiate a withdrawal or significant reduction of the charge(s)
  • Attend all court appearances on your behalf.
  • Conduct a trial on your behalf, if necessary or desired
  • Report back to you after each step of the process
  • Provide legal advice concerning your traffic ticket and any potential outcomes
  • Take any and all steps necessary to ensure you get the best outcome possible!

Our firm handles all types of traffic tickets, including Hand-Held Communication Device tickets, Careless Driving, Speeding, Suspension charges, Stunt Driving/Racing, Cannabis charges, No Insurance charges, Red Light charges, Seatbelt charges, and any other traffic ticket you receive from the police in Toronto. We also offer a Block Fee payment system, which means the price you pay up front is the total cost for our office to handle your matter for the entire court process. There will be no surprise hidden fees and we do not charge an hourly rate. We work very hard to get you the results you want at an affordable price.


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