With the Canadian winter upon us, it is more important then ever to use extra caution when driving. This includes pre-planning your commute and giving yourself extra travel time. If you find yourself running late due to the weather and come upon a snowplow, it may be tempting to passing it. Before you make that decision, here is what you should know about the laws and potential hazards of passing a snowplow.
Although it is not illegal to pass a snowplow in Ontario, it can be extremely dangerous and could lead to you being charged under the Highway Traffic Act with Careless Driving. Careless Driving falls under section 130(1) of the Highway Traffic Act and carries six demerit points, a minimum fine of $400.00, and usually causes big insurance problems.

The Dangers Of Passing A Snowplow Include

  • Snowplows have large blades that extend into the right-hand lane, reducing room to pass. 
  • When activity plowing, snowplows blow snow, restricting visibility to vehicles around them.
  • The road behind the snowplow is always safer to travel on than the road in front of it. 

Have You Been Charged With Careless Driving In Ontario?

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