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Fight Your Cambridge Speeding Ticket

In Cambridge, as in any vibrant urban center, traffic tickets are issued frequently. Speeding stands out as one of the most common infractions, and it can have significant consequences for your driving record and insurance expenses. 

Whether you’re looking to prevent a conviction or initiate an appeal, OTD Ticket Defenders is your partner in contesting your traffic ticket in Cambridge.

Understanding Speeding as Defined by the Highway Traffic Act

As outlined by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA), speeding entails going above the posted speed limit on a given road. The speed limit is implemented to uphold the safety of all road users, and exceeding it can lead to a traffic violation and other penalties. As you might expect, excessive speeding can lead to more severe violations:

Stunt Driving

Going over the speed limit by 40 km/hr in areas with limits of less than 80 km/hr, exceeding 50 km/hr in zones with limits of 80 km/hr or more, or operating a motor vehicle at speeds of 150 km/hr or more, can lead to stunt driving charges. This offense can lead to an immediate license suspension, vehicle impoundment, and substantial fines.

Careless Driving

Careless driving, which is issued for reckless or hazardous driving actions, can include instances of speeding. If you are operating a vehicle without the appropriate care or regard for the safety of fellow road users, you may face fines, license suspension and possibly imprisonment. If you’ve been served with a careless driving ticket in Cambridge, remember that OTD Legal is here to offer assistance.

The Ramifications of Speeding in Cambridge

Speeding violations can lead to significant consequences, the extent of which depends on the severity of the offence.


Fines for speeding tickets are contingent on the degree of your speed limit breach. If you’re caught speeding, the fine structure spans from $2.50 per km/h for minor infractions (1-19 km/h over the limit) to over $9.75 per km/h for instances of significant speeding.

Insurance Premiums

Convictions for speeding can result in elevated insurance premiums. When assessing your rates, insurance companies consider the seriousness of the offense, your driving record, age, and license type. If you amass multiple speeding convictions, it could become difficult to obtain coverage from typical insurance providers.

Demerit Points and Driving Record

When you’re convicted of speeding, demerit points are added to your driving record. The accumulation of demerit points can eventually lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. These speeding convictions also remain on your driving record for an extended period, shaping your driving history during that time.


Imprisonment is a potential consequence in situations that involve extreme speeding or other perilous driving behaviours that pose risks to road safety or cause harm to others.

Speeding for Novice and Commercial Drivers

Novice and commercial drivers, when it comes to speeding infractions, adhere to slightly distinct sets of regulations:

Novice Drivers

Novice drivers holding G1, G2, M1, or M2 licenses are subject to more strict penalties. Receiving a first speeding ticket with four or more demerit points can result in license suspension and even license cancellation.

Commercial Drivers

Speeding offences also pose particular risks for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. Points on their Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) can increase rapidly, and convictions can lead to job termination, difficulties in securing new employment, and the potential for an audit by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

Cambridge Ticket Defenders

Our expert team here at OTD places particular emphasis on defending traffic tickets. We have a deep understanding of the legal framework, which allows us to tell you everything you need to know about your speeding ticket and its implications. We are also fully equipped to advocate on your behalf due to our experience with the applicable court procedures and legal defences. 

Our service offering includes:

  • Providing advice adapted to the specifics of your case.
  • Exploring legal arguments and defences to protect your rights.
  • Act as your authorized legal representative in court, so you don’t have to attend your court date.
  • Managing court filings, paperwork, and communication with court personnel.
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to secure the most favourable outcome for your case.


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If you have been issued a speeding ticket contact our office for a free consultation. You can request a free quote for your traffic ticket online here, call us toll-free at 1-844-647-6869, or simply text a picture of your ticket to 226-240-2480. Remember, you don’t have to face the legal system by yourself. We’re here to assist drivers across Cambridge and its surrounding area.

To learn more ahead of your consultation, our Speeding Ticket Overview is a great place to start.