Canada is known for many things such as poutine, kindness, maple syrup, and above all else our long cold winters. Therefore, with the Canadian winter upon us, it is important to revisit winter driving tips. Here are our Top 10 Winter Driving Safety tips!

  1. Avoid Driving in Bad Winter Weather Conditions
    Before you leave for your destination, check the local forecast; not just for cold weather, but to know if it’s too bad to drive. If the road conditions aren’t favorable enough for safe winter driving, stay home!
  2. Have Winter Tires
    Make sure your vehicle is equipped with four winter tires. This is your best defence when you need to come to a quick stop, regain traction or when maneuvering through snowy and icy conditions and winter storms.
  3. Take Your Time
    Give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. Bad weather, icy conditions, and slippery roads will inevitably make your commute longer than usual.
  4. Watch Your Fuel Level
    Keep your fuel levels high in case you are left stranded, have to take a detour, or can’t find a gas station for a long while. Conserve fuel and plan ahead.
  5. Wipe Your Car Off
    Before you leave the driveway, ensure your vehicle is completely clear of snow and ice so that your visibility is not impeded.
  6. Pack a Survival Kit
    In the event, you are stranded, have a survival first aid kit in your vehicle filled with blankets and clothes that are warm enough for Canadian winter conditions, water, and snacks.
  7. Give Plenty of Space
    When on the road, give space between your vehicle and other vehicles that are in front of you, merging or switching in or out of lanes. Be sure to have a firm grip on the steering wheel; even with winter tires, your ability to stop will be hindered by the snow-covered roads and you may lose control.
  8. Respect the Snow Plows
    They may drive slowly and stay close to their brake pedal, but do not pass them! It’s not only against the law and could result in a Careless Driving ticket but it is also extremely dangerous.
  9. Make Yourself Visible
    Take certain your vehicle lighting system is working and no lights are out. In the event of a snowstorm with reduced visibility and possibly icy roads, it will be more important than ever for other drivers to see you.
  10. Focus on Driving
    Winter driving is not the time to be distracted! Always drive with two hands on the wheel and make sure you are free from distractions in case you drive over black ice. 

We hope these tips help keep you safe! If you receive a traffic ticket this winter, please reach out to us at 226-647-6869 or email us a picture of your ticket to Once received, we will contact you for a free consultation where we can discuss how we can help and provide you with a quote.