“Side gigs” are a great way to make an additional source of income and have become increasing popular in recent years. With only a smartphone, someone can start earning income in a number of ways, from delivering food on your bicycle to even carrying fare paying passengers in your vehicle. There are so many options for individuals to earn extra income that was once not so accessible. COVID-19 has accelerated this interest with millions of individuals being laid off world wide. This increased popularity has turned some common “side gigs” into full-time, main sources of income for some. 

A very popular app to earn extra income is Uber, giving you the option to both deliver food and also carry fare paying passengers and turn your vehicle into a money-making taxi cab or delivery vehicle in your spare time. A few weeks ago we covered what Uber driver’s will need to know if they are thinking about becoming a partner, the stricts policies they will face and the standards that Uber will hold its driver’s accountable to.

The strict policies that Uber has to become a partner restricts many applicants despite the fact they may be responsible drivers. For example, Uber requires all drivers to hold a valid “G” class license as well as be 21 years or older to become a partner. This limits many potential applicants that may hold a “G2” license or simply be under the age of eligibility. Luckily, there are alternatives to Uber that should be considered if you are looking to earn extra money in a similar role.

If you’re familiar with Uber, odds are you are familiar with Skip the Dishes and Doordash. They are two main competitors with Uber and also great alternatives if you find yourself restricted from driving with Uber due to its strict driver policies. Each company has minimal barriers to entry for becoming a partner and can be a great source of income. With both companies, you will be acting as a “delivery partner” delivering food from local businesses to customers’ homes. 

You might be wondering; What are the requirements to drive for Skip the Dishes or Doordash? How much money can I make driving with Skip the Dishes or Doordash? Let’s take a look!

What are Skip the Dishes Driver Requirements?

To become a partner driver with Skip the Dishes, you must:

  • Have a reliable vehicle
  • Valid insurance
  • Valid G2 driver’s license or above
  • Pass criminal background check
  • Have a smartphone with data
  • Proof of eligibility to work in Canada

As you can see, the requirements are minimal in comparison to Uber’s. There is no age requirement or mention of driver infractions having any impact on eligibility. 

How much money can I expect to make with Skip the Dishes?

This is a hard question to answer because it will depend on a number of things such as how often you are using the app, the length of the deliveries, as well as potential tips. In the past, Skip the Dishes has stated that drivers are generally paid in tips and receive a $4-$7 delivery fee per delivery as well. 

Keep in mind the driver bears all maintenance and repair costs on the vehicle, as well as gas and maintaining valid insurance. 

What are Doordash Driver Requirements?

To become a “dasher”, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Valid Insurance
  • Hold a G2 license or above
  • Pass criminal background check
  • Have a smartphone with data 

How much money can I expect to make with Doordash?

Similar to Skip the Dishes, the amount you can make depends on how often you are using the app, how far you are delivering too, and any promotions that are currently running will all have an impact on your take-home pay. 

What to do if you get a ticket while driving for Skip the Dishes or Doordash?

If you get a ticket while working as a partner with Skip the Dishes or Doordash it is always important to contact a legal professional as any ticket could have a serious impact on your insurance. Even a charge with a minor fine could have serious insurance penalties. Some seemingly minor tickets actually have a suspension attached that does not appear on the ticket. 

If you have received a ticket, OTD Legal offers a free no-obligation consultation for all traffic tickets and can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision before deciding how to deal with the charge.