If you have found yourself looking for help with a traffic ticket, odds are you have come across many different legal practitioners. The legal services industry is competitive, especially the legal industry fighting traffic tickets in Ontario. Businesses compete with each other in the marketing space to try and acquire new clients with aggressive ad campaigns and unfortunately, the competitive nature sometimes leads a company to make misleading or down-right false statements to their clients. Most individuals seek out the assistance of a paralegal for a traffic ticket offence, but remember, like any profession, not every professional is the same.

In my time as a prosecutor for the Ontario Court of Justice, I quickly learned that not all legal practitioners are the same. I met many and I learned a very true statement that I remind myself of routinely – you get what you pay for in this world. Like any purchase, people will like to shop around and try to get the best price. This is something that can be done to find a legal practitioner, however, I would strongly recommend erring on the side of caution to simply choose someone based on a low price or more importantly, a false promise.

Nobody wants to receive a traffic ticket, and when they get one, they just want it gone. Some do not want to negotiate. Some do not want a reduction. Some do not want demerit points. Some want the charge to disappear. But mostly, the individual wants to be promised that if they pay someone, the charge will disappear. They want to hear the magic words “I can guarantee you I will get this ticket removed”. So, that begs a very important question:

Can a Paralegal or Lawyer guarantee to have my traffic ticket thrown out?

No, absolutely not. Firstly, Paralegals and Lawyers in Ontario are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. The Law Society of Ontario is very clear that no legal services provider may at any time make misleading or false promises to a client, such as a guarantee to have the charge thrown out in exchange for payment. It is prohibited to do.

Secondly, it is prohibited for a very good reason. If I were to guarantee an outcome on any legal matter, I would be lying. It is impossible to be able to know the outcome of the future of a legal proceeding. If anyone is able to see the future, I assure you, they are not fighting your traffic tickets for you.

What to do if someone is guaranteeing they will get rid of my traffic ticket?

I would exercise extreme caution and seek assistance elsewhere. You should hire a legal representative that you can trust to tell you the truth, not simply what you want to hear in the given moment. You are hiring a legal practitioner for their skill and expertise, do not hire them for their ability to tell you what you want to hear in a stressful situation.

What to do if you got a traffic ticket?

If you have received a traffic ticket, I strongly recommend getting a free consultation from our office. You can receive a free consultation from most legal service providers and these consultations will help the strong stand out from the rest. After receiving a consultation, it is always wise to check the reviews of the company as well.

Do You Need To Defend Yourself Against An Ontario Traffic Ticket?

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