Does a Speeding Ticket for 34 km/h Over the Speed Limit carry any demerit points?

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Does a speeding ticket for 34 km/h over the speed limit carry any demerit points? Can I fight it?


Speeding offences are one of the most frequently issued charges in Ontario. Speeding offence convictions generally result in three areas of penalty: fine, demerit points, and increased insurance costs.

Speeding fines increase as the rate of speed over the posted speed limit increases. There is a notable jump in the size of fine between 29 and 30 km/h over the posted speed limit. Hitting a speed of 50 km/h or greater over the posted speed limit can result in a much more serious offence of ‘Race Motor Vehicle’ being issued against you.

Demerit points in Ontario are as follows:

  • +1 to +15 km/h – 0 demerit points
  • +16 to +29 km/h – 3 demerit points
  • +30 to +49 km/h – 4 demerit points
  • +50 km/h or greater – 6 demerit points

As you gain demerit points you risk either triggering an interview with the MTO or an outright suspension of your driver’s license. Novice drivers such as G1 or G2 drivers also risk suspension if convicted of an offence that carries 4 or more demerit points.

Increased insurance costs are one of the consequences of a driving conviction that a defendant may not think of when deciding what to do with their ticket. Driving convictions can result in an increase to your insurance rate and may even force you to seek out ‘high risk’ insurance coverage if you no longer qualify for standard insurance coverage. The cost of a high risk insurance policy may also make insurance coverage unaffordable and thereby prevent you from being able to legally drive until such time as you are able to obtain affordable insurance again.

You can certainly fight a speeding ticket. We generally have a good idea on how a specific court will react to a certain profile of case given its history. Speeding charges are relatively inexpensive to hire us to fight on your behalf and doing so will put the weight of a licensed paralegal behind your legal defence at court. Our first goal is to review the evidence of the Prosecutor for any legal argument sufficient to have your speeding offence withdrawn. If there is no legal grounds to have the charge withdrawn, our second position is to negotiate the ticket to a lesser offence to mitigate the various penalties that you are facing. For the small portion of speeding cases that proceed to trial, you will have a licensed paralegal to properly present your defence for you.

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Ron Harper

Ron Harper

Ron Harper, owner of OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services, is a former Ontario Prosecutor and Licensed Paralegal with over 40 years of experience in traffic offences.