Does an error on my ticket mean I don’t have to worry about it?


The immediate, quick answer is: yes, you need to worry about it.

Ignoring a ticket can have very serious consequences. The most likely result of ignoring a ticket is that you will be convicted of the charge without having had the opportunity to provide your defence to the ticket at court or to seek out a possible negotiated settlement to a lesser offence and lesser penalties. Upon conviction, further ignoring a Notice of Fine and Due Date can result in your license being suspended for an unpaid fine. The record of such a conviction and suspension of your driver’s license can then have a serious impact on your insurance. In an absolute worst-case scenario, being subsequently stopped the Police while driving can result in being charged with DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION and facing much more serious penalties.

Some errors on a ticket may result in the charge against you being eliminated outright, while other errors are superficial and will have no impact on the case against you. Either way, it is important to get a review of the ticket by a licensed paralegal as soon as possible. We have had defendants come to us after having attempted to resolve their ticket on their own and having been convicted at court. At this point the protection of their legal interests has been damaged and may or may not be salvageable. Such matters may unfortunately not have a legal basis to be reopened or appealed. Or in cases which do have a legal basis to be reopened or appealed, the defendant may be facing significantly higher legal costs for the increased work involved and a potentially poorer outcome than had the matter been addressed correctly from the onset.

A licensed paralegal can help you navigate the legal issues involved and represent you at court. Unfortunately the technical legal elements of a case and navigating through the court are not always very straightforward to the average person, and a misstep can have costly consequences. A licensed paralegal is able to represent you at court to avoid the personal costs associated with lost work or missed school attendance where possible. Generally the cost of hiring a paralegal to represent you are minimal and will help protect your financial, licensing, and insurance interests to your net benefit.

Have You Been Charged With Driving With A Suspended License In Ontario?

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