A red light ticket in Ontario carries numerous penalties under the Highway Traffic Act. Besides the dollar amount of the fine, you will also face demerit points, a possible increase in your insurance rates, and the possibility of conviction that will affect your driving record for 3 years. The ticket may be used as a factor in an accident to determine fault. None of these are pleasant to think about and they are the major reason people will hire us to defend them.

Red Light Tickets Are Serious

We realize the seriousness of this type of infraction and will review all details and ascertain whether you have a case that could result in the case being dismissed or found in your favour. Our office will investigate to ensure all the notes of the officer and the ticket itself have been properly prepared. The documents are also reviewed for possible arguments to the charges, with a view to having all charges dismissed.

Can I Fight a Red Light Ticket?

Although a person may attempt to do this themselves, if they are knowledgeable, circumventing the legal system is daunting, to say the least. From requesting documents for disclosure, reviewing the documents and time spent putting everything together, there is still the possibility that the public may miss certain legal arguments that would help them win. In a case such as this, it is not recommended to attempt to do this yourself.

Fighting a “red light ticket” might look easy, but it takes a lot more than pleading to a judge in the court if you expect to be successful. The judge is unlikely to be swayed by any reasons for why you ran a red light. Most times in order to win your case, the officer who issued the ticket will need to be cross-examined, all documents must be reviewed with an eye to a legal defence, and be searched for possible legal challenges. A member of the public often will not know enough about the legal system to proceed successfully.

Can You Cross Examine a Police Officer Effectively?

It is no easy task to question a police officer in court. A layperson must know the right questions to ask in order to cross-examine the officer on testimony given for the prosecution. When you know the specific legal points to ask the officer and are not intimidated by the process, the chances to win your case are high. That is why our paralegals are known for getting the best possible outcome for people charged with red light tickets in Ontario.

Do You Need To Defend Yourself Against An Ontario Traffic Ticket?

If you need to defend your driving rights against an Ontario traffic ticket you should contact us as soon as possible. We have skill and experience in helping drivers just like you respond to a variety of traffic tickets  and provide free, confidential consultations to empower you to fight your charges. We help drivers throughout Ontario including CambridgeGeorgetownLondonWindsor and from our home office in KitchenerContact us online or call us directly at 1.844.647.6869 or text us a copy of your ticket to 226-240-2480.