How Long Does an At-Fault Accident Stay on Your Record in Ontario?

For many drivers in Ontario, understanding the consequences of an at-fault accident on their driving record and insurance rates is a major concern. These incidents not only affect your standing with insurance companies but also have a lasting impact on your driving record. Here’s what you need to know about the duration and implications of at-fault accidents.


Duration on Your Driving Record

The duration an at-fault accident remains on your driving record is three years. During this time, the accident is visible to law enforcement and can affect your eligibility for certain driving related privileges.


Impact on Insurance Records

While the accident stays on your driving record for three years, insurance companies keep a separate tally that can last much longer. Typically, at-fault accidents affect your insurance records for six to ten years


Effect on Insurance Rates

Expect insurance rates to increase for approximately five years following an at-fault accident. This period reflects the insurance industry’s risk assessment of drivers post incident. Although insurers may record the accident for up to ten years, the most significant financial impact occurs within the first five years.


Definition of an At-Fault Accident

An at-fault accident generally involves situations where your actions or failure to act directly leads to a collision. A classic example is a rear-end collision, where the trailing vehicle is almost always deemed at fault. 


Seeking Professional Assistance

If you’re dealing with the consequences of an at-fault accident, OTD Legal is here to help. Our team specializes in traffic and driving related legal services, offering advice and support to ensure you’re well-informed and adequately represented.


Contact OTD Legal for a free confidential consultation to explore your options and understand the best course of action following an at-fault accident. Our commitment is to provide you with the guidance needed to protect your driving record and manage insurance rate impacts effectively.



Video Transcription:

How long does an at fault accident stay on your driving record in Ontario? The easiest answer is three years. However, there is more to answering that question. So we worry about two things, you know, currently you’re driving record or driving abstract and how long it would be on there. And that is indeed three years.

However, insurance companies keep records of these things for, again, they’re all a bit different, but the range is somewhere between six to ten years that would be on your insurance record, we’ll say. Insurance rates, when an at fault accident occurs will increase for approximately five years, despite many of them having record of it for as long as ten years.

To those who do not understand what an at fault accident means, is that when there is an accident and two people are involved, for example, and, and let’s say, I’ve had many examples of this where there’s a rear end collision, usually the vehicle in the back that’s bumped the other vehicle they’re considered to be the vehicle that was at fault.

So that’s the type of accident we’re talking about. The other way of, the opposite way of thinking about that is if you were the guy stopped at a light fully insured, and then someone drives into the back of your vehicle. Well certainly in that situation it would be not considered an at fault accident on your behalf.

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