I am a professional truck driver and I got a Speeding ticket and a Fail to Keep a Proper Daily Log ticket. How does this affect me? How does this affect the company I work for?




Professional truck drivers get tickets all the time. They can be charged with all the “normal” Highway Traffic Act offences such as speeding, fail to stop at a red light, fail to wear a seatbelt, careless driving, etc. And, those tickets affect both the driver and the company.


When a professional driver gets a ticket, they have 3 things to worry about:


1. The Fine.


Depending on the charge, the fine can be quite hefty. Most set fines range from $50 to $1000. This is a financial burden on the driver and the company.


2. The Demerit Points.


Being convicted of an offence can add 2-6 demerit points on the driver’s record. Demerit points add up and it can affect your insurance. At 9 demerit points, you are required to have a meeting with the MTO office, and 12 points will lead to a license suspension.


3. The CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration) Points.


Every driving company is given a CVOR number. When a ticket is issued to the driver or against the company, there are possible CVOR points that come with it. For example, a speeding ticket for 10km/h over the posted limit has zero demerit points, but it has 2 CVOR points. A careless driving charge has 6 demerit points and 5 CVOR points.


A professional, knowledgeable paralegal can assist a driver in getting a positive outcome for the ticket that is beneficial to both the driver and the company.


Here at OTD Legal, we constantly work with companies and drivers who find themselves with Highway Traffic tickets. We have knowledgeable staff who can give you the information you need to make the best decision for the driver and for the company.


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