What Happens If You Get Caught Driving Without a License in Ontario?

Driving without a valid license in Ontario is a common charge, usually received when a driver has forgotten to renew their driver’s license. If a police officer pulls you over and discovers you’re driving without a license, here’s what you can expect:


Charges and Fines

You will be charged under Section 32(1) of the Highway Traffic Act. The ticket issued for this offence includes a fine, which totals $325. 


Impact on Your Driving Record

Receiving a ticket for driving without a license results in a conviction on your driving record, often referred to as your driver’s abstract. This conviction becomes part of your official driving history, accessible to insurance companies.


Insurance Rate Implications

Insurance providers regularly review driving records to assess risk and determine rates. A conviction for driving without a license is likely to be noted by your insurer, potentially leading to increased insurance premiums. This is because unlicensed driving is viewed as a high-risk behavior, indicating a disregard for legal driving requirements.


Seeking professional legal assistance can help navigate the complexities of traffic law in Ontario. Whether you’ve received a ticket by mail or are facing charges for driving without a license, OTD Legal provides expert guidance and representation to protect your rights and interests on the road.


Video Transcription:

What happens if you get caught driving without a license in Ontario? Assuming you’ve been pulled over by a police officer and that did indeed occur, you can expect to be charged with an offense under Section 32 sub one of the Highway Traffic Act. You will note when you receive a ticket for that offence will have a fine on it and the total fine payable will be $325.

It will also come with it an obvious conviction on your driver’s abstract, often called your driving record. Now that it is a part of your driving record, it is available for your insurance company to find. And it’s quite common to see that an insurance company will make note of that and could quite possibly increase your insurance rate.

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