Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) points are a crucial aspect for professional drivers and companies in Ontario. Understanding the implications of CVOR points is essential for both drivers and the companies they work for. Here’s why CVOR points are important to comprehend:

1. CVOR System Overview:

2. Driver’s CVOR Points:

  • Identification: The CVOR number, typically six to eight digits long, is associated with the incorporated company the driver is working for.
  • Points Attribution: When a charge is laid and convicted, CVOR points are accrued, affecting both the driver’s CVOR abstract and their personal vehicle insurance.

3. Company’s CVOR Points:

  • Impact on Insurance: CVOR points for the company influence the bulk insurance purchased for the entire fleet.
  • Insurance Challenges: Excessive CVOR points may result in increased insurance premiums or difficulties in securing insurance coverage.

4. Driver’s Personal Vehicle Insurance:

  • Visibility of CVOR Points: Insurers assessing personal vehicle insurance can view both CVOR points and demerit points.
  • Potential Rate Increase: Accumulated points may lead to higher personal insurance rates for the driver.

5. Importance of Transparency:

  • Notification to the Company: In case of a ticket with company CVOR points, drivers are encouraged to notify their company promptly.
  • Company Support: Companies often provide support, including financial assistance for the driver’s defense, as it aligns with the company’s interests.

6. Consultation for Comprehensive Review:

  • Professional Guidance: Seek consultation with experts like OTD Legal for a comprehensive review of the situation.
  • Quote for Assistance: Professionals can provide advice, guidance, and quotes for legal assistance to navigate CVOR points issues.

7. Avoiding Ignorance:

  • Proactive Approach: Ignoring CVOR points issues can lead to insurance challenges, fleet idleness, and increased costs.
  • Addressing Challenges: Proactively addressing CVOR points issues ensures legal compliance and minimizes financial repercussions.


Understanding the dynamics of CVOR points is essential for commercial drivers and companies. Proactive measures, transparency, and seeking professional assistance can contribute to mitigating the impact of CVOR points on both drivers and companies. For a thorough assessment and guidance, consultation with legal experts is recommended.


Video Transcription:

I’m here to talk to you about CVOR points and why they are important to understand. CVOR points relate to commercial drivers, so professional drivers across Ontario, for that matter, North America. There is a CVOR system in place where both the driver and the company are impacted by the number of CVOR points.

The driver at the time is subject to two things. So they’re riding with these CVOR points. They’re also subject to any demerit points from any offense that may have occurred. So it’s sort of a double edged sword for the driver that they’re, they’re on the hook for either a CVOR point or for a demerit point here in Ontario.

The CVOR number is located usually on a ticket right around two thirds of the way down, and it’s, I think it’s six or eight digits long. That number directly relates to the company, the incorporated company of that individual is driving with or for. When an incident occurs, when a charge is laid.

That charge will, if convicted, will end up as some CVOR points for the company. And in this particular example, there’s points going on the driver’s own abstract. This becomes a problem because the driver has to go home and he’s going to go get groceries and he is now going to use his own personal vehicle, which he gets his own contract with an automobile insurance for. 

That insurance company will be able to see any CVOR points. They will also see any demerit points and if that’s there, he’s subject to an increase in his own insurance rate. The same problem now occurs for the company. If that company CVOR point shows up, those companies have to buy bulk insurance for their entire fleet and CVOR points like the demerit points; if too many are there, they will either get an increase in their policy or you will not be able to buy insurance with that particular insurance company at all. So your fleet will sit idle until you find another company who will take you on, and usually at an exorbitant insurance rate.

What you’d want to do in a situation like that is it’s not the situation where you can simply ignore it. So we’ve had drivers, I’ve had drivers come to me with tickets with a company CVOR on there that they were very apprehensive about notifying the company. In fact, they haven’t. So what happens in those situations is I usually direct them back to the company to let them know that this is in play and the driver is usually very pleasantly surprised by the fact that companies, much larger companies than an individual, are gonna give them some support in terms of the retainer.

They’re gonna want that particular driver to defend himself, because if that driver is defending himself, he’s also defending the company. So whenever that occurs, whenever you see a professional driver and they have a ticket and there are CVOR points on there. It’s certainly something that you’re gonna want to bring to somebody for a complete review.

We have a consultation process where one of our experts, one of our personnel who deals with this on a regular basis will be able to consult with you, advise you, and quote you on what it will take to help the company and the driver in a situation such as that.

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