Do Police Send Tickets in the Mail in Ontario?

Many drivers wonder whether they can receive traffic tickets by mail, without a direct interaction with a police officer. The short answer is yes, but it’s important to understand the specifics of how and why this happens. In Ontario, certain types of traffic violations can result in a ticket being mailed to you. Here’s what you need to know.


Types of Tickets Mailed to Drivers

Not all traffic tickets are eligible to be sent through the mail. Only specific offences, typically captured by automated systems, can result in a mailed ticket. These include:

  • Red Light Camera Tickets
  • Photo Radar Tickets
  • School Bus Tickets


Understanding the Process

Tickets issued by mail come with the same legal obligations as those given in person by a police officer. It’s important to address these tickets quickly to avoid additional penalties, such as increased fines. The ticket will contain information on how to pay the fine, contest the charge, or other available actions. It’s important to know that tickets sent by mail do not include any demerit points.


Importance of Accurate Vehicle Registration

Since these tickets are sent to the vehicle’s registered owner based on the address associated with the license plate, keeping your vehicle registration information up to date is critical. Failure to receive a mailed ticket due to outdated address information does not absolve you from the responsibility of paying the fine or contesting the ticket.


Seeking Legal Advice

If you receive a traffic ticket in the mail and have questions or concerns about it, consulting with legal experts like OTD Legal can provide clarity and guidance. 


Contact OTD Legal for a free confidential consultation. Our team specializes in traffic-related legal services and can help you navigate the complexities of traffic tickets, including those received by mail.



Video Transcription:

Do police send tickets in the mail? The answer is yes, but only certain types. The types of tickets that could be sent in the mail include red light camera tickets—you may have seen a flash as you’ve driven through an intersection. They could send it to your last known address based on your license plate.

Same is true of photo radar tickets, same sort of a thing. If you go through a certain area and a machine concludes that your vehicle was going too fast, you may see something show up in your mailbox, which is ultimately a fine that needs to be paid. And the only other type of offense where that may occur is school bus tickets.

Where no officer was involved and you find something in your mailbox indicating that you didn’t stop for a school bus. Those are really the only ways in which the police send tickets in the mail.

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