How to Get Your CVOR Abstract Online

For commercial motor vehicle operators in Ontario, staying informed about your Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) record is important for many. The CVOR system tracks the on road performance of commercial carriers, including details about collisions, inspections, and convictions. Here’s how you can access your CVOR abstract online.


CVOR Abstract Levels

Level 1: Public Summary

  • What It Includes: A Level 1 CVOR abstract offers a public summary of a carrier’s on-road performance over the last two years.
  • Who Can Access It: This level of information is available to the public, making it a valuable resource for a general overview of a carrier’s safety record.
  • How to Access: You can request a Level 1 abstract through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website. Navigate to the CVOR section and follow the instructions for a public search.


Level 2: Carrier’s Abstract

  • What It Includes: A Level 2 search provides a more detailed carrier abstract, including specific information on collisions, inspections, and violations.
  • Who Can Access It: This abstract is exclusively available to the carrier or their authorized representative. It requires specific permissions to access.
  • How to Access: The carrier must request this abstract directly from the MTO. Typically, this involves logging into a secure online portal using credentials provided by the MTO.


CVOR Driver’s Abstract

  • What It Includes: The CVOR driver’s abstract presents a comprehensive five-year driving history for individual drivers. It covers license status, medical due dates, and any CVOR related violations.
  • Who Can Access It: This abstract is available to individual drivers wishing to review their own record.
  • How to Access: Drivers can request their CVOR driver’s abstract online through the MTO’s official website. You will need to provide your driver’s license number and potentially additional identification information to complete the request.


Need Help With Your CVOR Abstract?

The CVOR system and understanding your abstract can be complicated. If you have questions about your CVOR record or need assistance with related legal matters, OTD Legal is here to help. Contact us for a free consultation. 


Video Transcription:

How to get a CVOR abstract online? For commercial motor vehicle drivers, there are really three types of relevant information with respect to a CVOR record. Level one, for example, is available to the public and it has a summary of all carriers, two-year records. That’s the level one sort of search. A level two search is the other type of search.

A level two search would include the carrier’s abstract. However, it’s only available to the carrier. And the carrier themselves would have to order that particular search. The third type of research that could be done with respect to CVOR would be a CVOR driver’s abstract search. And in those types of searches, a driver would see their five-year driving history, and it would include the driver’s license status and such information such as their medical due date.

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