How Long Do Points Stay On Your CVOR?

A frequently asked question that concerns most commercial drivers is “How long do points stay on your CVOR?”. It’s important to understand what exactly are CVOR points, how they affect your driving record and their consequences.


What Are CVOR Points?

CVOR points are part of a tracking system used by the authorities to monitor the safety performance of commercial drivers and companies. CVOR points are accumulated when you commit certain traffic violations like speeding, improper lane changes, or having any at fault accidents.


How Long Do CVOR Points Stay On Record?

CVOR points remain on a professional driver’s record for two years. This can significantly impact a driver’s professional standing, business operations and possibly your employment.


Accumulating CVOR Points

Violation Rate and Consequences

Receiving too many CVOR points and violations not only flags a driver as high risk but also leads to:

  • Higher Insurance Premiums: Insurance companies may increase rates based on the perceived risk of the driver.
  • Suspension of CVOR Certificate: In severe cases, the accumulation of points can lead to the suspension of the CVOR certificate itself, directly impacting your ability to work.


Maintaining a Clean Record

For professional drivers, maintaining a clean CVOR record is very important. A clean record signifies compliance with road safety laws and regulations, which is essential for better insurance rates and continued employment. Many employers prioritize hiring drivers with clean records.


For professional drivers, understanding how long points stay on your CVOR and the impact of these points is critical for your career and maintaining good insurance rates. Each point on your CVOR reflects on your professional reputation. 


Do You Have CVOR Points?

Don’t let CVOR points affect your career and your wallet. OTD Legal’s team has decades of experience in assisting commercial drivers and companies navigate the complexities of traffic law. Contact us today for a free consultation. 


Video Transcription:

This firm and myself have represented professional drivers for many years. And a particularly salient question is how long do points stay on your CVOR? Commercial motor vehicle drivers have to concern themselves with CVOR points and the duration of those points on a record is used to calculate in a two-year period what the violation rate might be.

So the answer to the question is if there are CVOR points on a professional driver’s record it would be there for two years. Accumulation of points, violations, and whatnot, accidents in that two-year period will create a violation rate and if that violation rate becomes excessive You would be subject to probably higher insurance rates or even perhaps the suspension of your CVOR certificate itself.

So, for those professional drivers, they are super concerned with having that knowledge and, and very concerned with protecting those records and certainly saving whatever CVOR point they can.

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