A common question in the industry is how long does careless driving stay on your record? A good question. I think the importance of that question is actually with your insurance company. You need to understand that an insurance company is going to deal with something like your record. It’s actually called a driver’s abstract.

What a driver’s abstract is, is a view of your license and what happened over a three year period. Over that period interesting things happened. So if you have a careless driving on there, you need to understand for the first two years, you will see on that abstract, you will see careless driving and you will see six demerit points.

If you were to look at that record at the end of that two year period, you would notice that you would simply see a conviction for careless driving with no demerit points. After the third year, so if you were to go back, or you were to go to an insurance company and you were to tell them at the end of three years, and you were to tell them that you don’t have a record, you would be accurate because what they would be looking at is your abstract. And if it’s three years old, that careless driving is now three years old, there would be no indication that it’s there in any way, shape or form. It is important to know how that works as you negotiate through with your insurance company. I would suggest if you are not sure and you need some advice on that particular matter, please reach out to OTD Legal and we will do our best to answer that question for you and help you through that.