How Many CVOR Points Are You Allowed?

CVOR Points vs. Demerit Points

First, it’s crucial to understand the difference between CVOR points and demerit points. While demerit points apply to all drivers, CVOR points specifically impact commercial vehicle drivers and their carriers, affecting operations and insurance rates.

Key Considerations for CVOR Points:

  • Impact on Insurance and Business: Accumulating CVOR points can lead to increased insurance premiums and scrutiny from regulatory bodies, potentially jeopardizing your ability to operate the business.
  • Evaluation: Authorities and insurance companies assess your safety performance based on CVOR points, collision involvement, and inspection outcomes.


Allowable Number of CVOR Points

The allowable number of CVOR points isn’t fixed and depends on several factors, making it a complex issue. Each commercial driver’s situation is unique, factors like violation rate, history of collisions, and the results of vehicle inspections.

Personalized Assessment is Key:

  • Individual Circumstances Matter: What may be the tipping point of CVOR points for one driver could be minor for another, depending on their overall safety record and violation history.
  • Professional Advice is Essential: Given how these situations vary greatly, consulting with experienced paralegals who specialize in traffic law and commercial vehicle regulations is very important.


Legal Assistance

For professional drivers, accurately assessing the impact of CVOR points and developing strategies to manage them is extremely vital to keeping your business running and drivers on the road. OTD Legal offers legal services tailored to the needs of commercial vehicle operators, providing:

  • In-depth Analysis: Our team can review your CVOR records, considering all relevant factors to offer a clear understanding of your current standing and potential risks.
  • Strategic Advice: We provide recommendations to mitigate the impact of CVOR points and future strategies to minimize any impact.
  • Representation: If you’re facing charges that could affect your CVOR points, our experienced legal professionals are equipped to represent you. We partner with you to give the best possible defence and path forward to a favorable outcome.


Understanding your CVOR points and managing your risk is essential for maintaining your livelihood as a professional driver. With the complexities of the legal system and the individual nature of each case, seeking professional guidance is a wise step.

Contact OTD Legal for a free consultation to explore how we can assist you ensuring the continued success of your commercial driving career and business.


Video Transcription:

I’ve had the great privilege over many years in a position to be able to represent professional drivers. And one of the questions that they do often approach me with is how many CVOR points are you allowed? And it’s a very difficult question. It sounds like a simple question, but it’s quite difficult because there are a lot of moving parts with that.

So I think we first have to start with the fact that Commercial motor vehicle violations have CVOR points and they are different from demerit points. CVOR points are looked at and treated a little differently. So, if you’re the owner-operator of a particular truck, your CVOR certificate would be in your name and you would be very concerned with several things, which would be the number of CVR points, number of collisions, and number of negative inspections that may have occurred while you’ve been driving over the last several years. So, from an insurance perspective, and from Service Ontario’s perspective, they’re going to look at, basically, your violation rate, which would include several of these things. So, the reality is, there is no clear, definable, easy answer as to how I could answer the question of how many CVOR points are you allowed.

Because ultimately, you could have one professional driver who two more CVOR points would really upset the apple cart, meaning he’s not able to drive anymore, where you would have another client with three CVOR points for the same thing, but has a relatively clear violation rate, and there would be no, no harm whatsoever.

So, the, really the best answer is to contact OTD Legal and have one of us look into it and then we can give you a much better idea on what needs to be done in order to help you specifically with that concern.

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