How many demerit points for not wearing a seatbelt? Well, the answer is quick and easy and obvious. It’s two demerit points. However, you should be aware. That in Ontario, the seatbelt charge, I would characterize that as a non-moving violation. So these types of charges that are non-moving violations generally always do not have any demerit points.

I happened to be involved many years ago on a committee that sat and it was determining which charges should have demerit points and which should not. It was tabled at that particular meeting some 20 years ago. The question as to whether or not we’re they were going to add demerit points to a seatbelt violation on that particular committee, I was a naysayer.

I felt very strongly at the time that, you know, we needed to keep a distinction between moving violations and non-moving violations, and that demerit points should be exclusively the property of moving violations. I was outvoted. And today I can tell you with authority that if you are if you have received a seatbelt violation, you will receive two points on your driving record, which is of obvious concern and something you’re gonna want to now consider getting some help with.

So if that has happened to you anyone that you speak to here at OTD Legal is going to tell you that obvious answer. It is two demerit points. I would recommend that you give us a call or text us or email us a picture of that ticket and talk to us about what’s going on, and we’ll determine whether or not we need to intervene here and assist you.

All of that work is called a free consultation. All of that does not pressure you into doing anything. We’ll give you the information that you need and you can decide on your own if you’d like to retain OTD legal or not.