A question that is asked here at OTD Legal from prospective clients, and it’s a good question. That question is this, how safe is it to provide OTD Legal with a picture of my ticket, which includes personal information? Essentially, how safe is it to provide OTD Legal with my ticket and personal information?

Very common. Very good question. You should know that when you are supplying that information, which is indeed personal information, you’re supplying that to my firm here at OTD Legal. We are licensed, we are insured, and we are experienced in managing that particular information. That information is used to help you.

It’s important that we discover whether there’s a conflict. Maybe even in your name that someone else has already reached out to us. We have to protect you from any potential conflicts. We cannot do that unless we know who you are, where this happened, even things so much as the ticket number is very important for us to be able to utilize and investigate what exactly has happened to you.

Every moment of our engagement with you, every time we speak to you as a client or a perspective client, the reality is it never ceases. It never subsides. We are here to protect you. We are not the problem. We are not part of what you should be concerned with. Everything here that is provided to us is safe and protected for many years.

When we do get tickets, we often see some redactions. The name has been stroked out, or valuable information that can determine how to help you has been removed. We generally have to come back to you and say: “Hey, you know, you do need to trust us” for many reasons. We are licensed, we are insured. We’ve been doing this for years.

We have never had a breach. We are as strong as, or stronger than any bank that you’re gonna deal with here in Canada or Ontario. I’m gonna suggest you take comfort knowing this is the firm that you can share that with, and we can move forward together and try to help you.