How to fight a red light camera ticket in Ontario? We are bombarded with this type of question. We are often faced with trying to provide advice to a client on an issue that we really need not be involved in. And the reason we don’t want to be involved in that is we are simply trying to not be involved in having a client spend money on us to deal with it for them when we don’t have to be.

It is important to us here at OTD Legal that we do not have a client spend money on us when they do not need to do that. These tickets carry no demerit points whatsoever. These tickets do not affect your insurance. These tickets, red light camera tickets will not suspend your driver’s license. It’s simply a fine.

So what I believe clients want is this; is they want to be told exactly that. They need to be told upfront: “we do not represent clients on this type of ticket because we don’t need to be involved’. That actually saves the client money. I’m not saving them demerit points, I’m not saving the driver’s license, but they have not spent more money than the ticket to get our help.

What I would suggest you do is if you know that you’ve received a ticket in the mail, you want to make sure it’s just simply a picture of your vehicle or the license or a car that you may have been driving or a rental car. But on those types of matters, we do not need to help you. You are more than capable of dealing with that matter on your own, which will save you hundreds of dollars.