How to fight stunt driving in Ontario. Obviously a very, very important question to be answering. In Ontario, stunt driving has many consequences. It has a consequence to your driver’s license. It could be suspended for a year or more, which could prove to be a deciding factor whether you remain employed. It has a significant fine.

The other consequence would be you may not be able to afford insurance going forward if that is on your driving record. So for many people that the question is a significant one, how do I fight this? How do I deal with such a significant charge? Once you’ve faced a charge like this, what I would recommend is that you take the time to, first of all, review this video.

I would also suggest that you take the time to consider getting a free consultation, a free consultation from this company, OTD Legal. There are a variety of ways. In Ontario, for example, that you could end up facing a charge of stunt driving. As an example, and I’ll give you a recent example where a client reached out to OTD Legal for assistance.

They went through the process of going through the free consultation. Within a few months, we were able to get to court review the disclosure. This particular case had a driver that was simply exceeding the speed limit in a hundred kilometers zone by 52 kilometers per hour. So that put the particular defendant or client in a position where they were now facing the stunt driving charge.

We were able to get involved with the prosecutor, get involved with the police, and work out a solution where that particular client had the charge of stunt driving completely removed, reduced down to a speeding ticket, which frankly made sense. Now that client no longer had to worry about his career. No longer had to worry about increased insurance. No longer had to worry about all the things associated with a conviction for stunt driving. Now, that particular client is dealing with a speeding ticket, fundamentally insignificant when compared to stunt driving.

I would encourage you, if you’re facing this, I do know you’re anxious and for good reason, but we can help you here at OTD Legal. Please look for us.

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