Is stunt driving considered a criminal offense in Ontario? This is a good question. I actually like this question. The reason this question is asked is because of what happens in Ontario when someone is charged with stunt driving. It’s common to see a few things.

Obviously, you’re detained at the side of the road. You will be questioned by a police officer. In many of those cases, they will demand the keys to the motor vehicle. They will tow your motor vehicle. Many of those officers will pull you out of that vehicle and they will put handcuffs on you, detaining you with handcuffs to anyone objectively looking at a scene such as that, you almost always come to the conclusion, well, that must be someone who’s committed a criminal offense.

The answer to the question is no. It is not a criminal offense in Ontario. It is under the Highway Traffic Act, and as such, it is not a criminal offense in any way. However, many officers in Ontario I think go too far.

So when you pull over a vehicle for the genesis to the stunt driving was speeding, let’s say, and they take that, that person out, the average citizen out, and they put handcuffs on them, I think they’re being over dramatic. I think that has, has gone a little too far and it has led to the rise in, in people questioning, you know, is stunt driving a criminal offense?

And again, that is, that is not the case. It is not a criminal offense. Stunt driving has serious consequences and it is a problem for most drivers if this happens. You know, one of the most significant things is, is the fact that if convicted, you are going to lose your license for a minimum of one year.

The fine is particularly egregious. It could be a minimum of 25 hundred dollars or more. These are things that obviously are something that’s going to set anyone back if you are charged with such an offense. But the answer ultimately to whether or not this is a criminal offense, the answer is absolutely, it is not a criminal offense.