One of the common questions that I’ve been faced from friends, family, potential clients is this question, and that is do parking tickets affect insurance? And the answer is encouraging, and that is no, they do not. They do not show up on your driver’s abstract, they do not show up on your driving record.

They are an annoying fine, we all know that, but there’s nothing to worry about when you do get a parking ticket. Probably the safest thing would be just to pay it or fight it on your own if, if need be, but I would I, I would consider that something you want to know, particularly if,  one of my agents, one of the paralegals or lawyers here at OTD Legal are asking you, you know, we get the question, we’ll ask you, you know, what is on your driving record?

And often times you’ll have a client that reported well I had a parking ticket and it’s, it’s irrelevant in this type of work. Because there is no record for that. It will not affect your insurance. It will not affect you. And it certainly does not affect our opinion of you as a client.

We all get them. They’re a part of life and they’re really just a tax that we have to pay from time to time.