I am often asked this question, should I fight an already reduced speeding ticket? Very good question. You’re wondering, ultimately what do I do? You have a speeding ticket, you know the officer has reduced the ticket. The interaction with the officer went well, you may feel guilty and he’s done something for you to try to gift you in, in a bad situation.

The officer is probably not considering all the things that need to be considered when you’re actually holding a speeding ticket. The consequence of a speeding ticket I will visit in other videos and you can search for those however when you’ve received a ticket that you know the officer is reduced for you, one of the main concerns is perhaps insulting the officer because you’ve chosen to fight the ticket or you’re worried about a threat from the officer that if you choose to fight this particular ticket, what will happen?

Will it be increased to the original speed? I’d like clients to know that clients have control over that. You do not need to worry about that ticket ever increasing to what they believe to be the actual speed that occurred. It’s never happened to any of the clients here at OTD Legal and it will certainly not happen to you.

However, in many cases, as we get involved with these in these types of situations, one of two things are going to happen. One, the ticket will be further reduced, or second, that ticket will be withdrawn entirely. Sometimes when an officer reduces that particular ticket at the side of the road, it’s an indication that there’s something else going on here, that there is a weakness in that evidence.

That is what we need to find. It may be something as simple as that court is so busy they cannot possibly deal with one of the members of my staff or myself attending that court and trying to defend someone. But what I would like you to be aware of is that you have every right to defend yourself in court, and you should not fear that anyone at any time is going to increase that particular offense to a higher speed.