What is a disobey sign ticket in Ontario? That is a ticket that answers itself, a disobey sign ticket ultimately is any sign, any posted sign in Ontario that is, regular. That could be an improper turn sign. It could be a stop sign or, or a very common speed zone sign. Any of those official signs in Ontario are there to be seen, there to be read, there to be obeyed.

So technically, anytime you see a charge or a ticket that has a disobey sign violation on it, they could be talking about any of those things. If you look into the evidence of the case or the facts of the case, or when you talk to a client, In most cases, what you find is that you’ll find a sign above an intersection that says something that no turns, for example are allowed between three and 7:00 PM that’s, that’s a sign designed simply to control traffic in that area and keep things moving.

That’s the common type of factual scenario where you see a disobey sign ticket Ontario. When you see that legislation, when you see that ticket under section 182, sub 2, you need to be aware it is indeed, two points. For some clients that charge and the demerit points, even though they’re two, which is minor, it can upset their insurance rate.

It can potentially even lead to a license suspension, but in most cases it is in fact considered minor. I would suggest you take a look at that ticket and if you have concerns about that particular ticket, please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone here at OTD Legal.