What Makes A Great Traffic Ticket Paralegal

What makes a great traffic ticket paralegal? I think this is an excellent question. And I also think it’s a question that when anyone is charged with an offence, this is the question that someone is going to ask themselves because they’re trying to select the firm that’s going to do the best job for them.

I have some very strong ideas on what that firm should be. What I look for, if it were me, I would look for experience. Experience is a very good indicator of the success of that firm. Experience tells you that they’ve been at this an awful long time and they are still around to be able to talk to you.

That’s one of the big things for me. Knowledge. Knowledge would be the second thing that I would look for. What would be the knowledge base? If you simply looked at how much experience they have, well, that experience could be very unidimensional. It could be in one simple area, and that’s all they know. So, knowledge is going to look at, well, what types of areas of law have they been in?

So, for myself, I’ve been in both aspects of the law. I’ve been representing individuals or clients for many years. And prior to that, when I first started as a young guy, I was a prosecutor, and I did that for many years. That sort of experience has developed and created a significant knowledge base.

That knowledge base puts in me a position that I can assist most people with anything that may happen in some meaningful, successful way. The third thing that I would look at if I were trying to select a company to assist me with my problem of a traffic ticket, I would look for, well, how many people are there?

What is the how large is this particular firm? And then, you know, again, what are the, what’s their experience and what’s their knowledge? At OTD Legal, we have a wide margin of people, a larger firm, all having knowledge and experience. And I guess the next thing after that, how, well how can that be best used to assist me as a client?

Well, in a firm such as OTD Legal, it is a close firm. They’re all together, they work every day together, and they share ideas, share interpretations of the law. They look at specific cases as a team. Most cases that go, I dare say all cases that go through the firm, every person in the firm has hands on that individual’s file.

Everyone has input with a unidimensional approach, a single goal, which is to be successful for that client. Do whatever is there, whatever is possible to get that client in a position where the matter is withdrawn or reduced to something that does not hurt them, or their families or their insurance rate.

That is what I would be looking for if I was looking for a firm. I’m going to tell you that the firm is actually OTD Legal. However, you need an objective source. That’s what I say. What you want to do is look at Google reviews. I find, I use them myself, I would look at those Google reviews, and I would make a decision based on what they say, because they’re objective, they’re not paid performers, those are people that have been through our service, and they have seen firsthand what I have just told you about.


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