What is a driver’s abstract? It’s best described as a record, your driving record. The word abstract, I call that legal jargon, legal phraseology, but it’s best described as your driving record. So your driving record in Ontario, if you were to go down to Service Ontario, you could apply to look at your driving record and they would give you a picture of what happened in the last three years of your driving.

So if there was a speeding ticket that occurred in that time frame, you would see that particular record. It is an important document to monitor how you’re doing. It is something that your insurance company often reviews as they assess what policy limit they’re going to put on you for the number of vehicles or the vehicle that you have.

So if you hear the word driving abstract, it simply means… What your driving record is. Now, it should be noted that your insurance company can look back three years, you yourself can look back three years. You could attend a Service Ontario location and request a full driving history from the time you started driving.

Not generally necessary for the average person, but you may wish to know that and it’s certainly information that’s available. It is yours. When you’re charged with an offense, the courts and the police don’t really concern themselves with your driving abstract. They look at your driving record on a CPIC computer, a police computer.

And they’re going to be able to look at all the driving infractions from your historic beginning when you did receive your driver’s license. But essentially to bring this to a conclusion, a driving abstract is your driving record.