In Ontario, the public is faced with a wide variety of choices on who they would like to use to fight their traffic ticket. The question becomes, how do you choose who you want? There are some paralegals out there, even some lawyers out there that will offer you a guarantee. There aren’t many, fortunately, and that’s a good thing because it’s unfair to be offering a guarantee in a courtroom.


No one can guarantee the outcome of what goes on in a courtroom. What you need to consider is why would someone offer me a guarantee? It’s not as simple as simply paying some money to escape conviction on a highway traffic ticket. You don’t buy that type of thing in a courtroom. It’s frowned upon. It’s actually illegal by the law society standards. 


It shouldn’t be happening, unfortunately. It still does. When it does happen and you see that, do a little bit of research, talk to them. I think you’ll find one of two things. They’re either A unscrupulous, or B, they’re juniors; new people who do not know. If you find a junior that does not know that well, they ought to have known that they were taught that in school. So maybe they’re desperate. I don’t know. Or maybe they’re gonna do it as long as they can get away with it. But the only person that it’s unfair to is the client. The client is misled and they’re happy because they’ve spent the money and in their mind they walk away and they’re not gonna be convicted of anything.


The reality is that months down the road, they find that that’s simply not the case. They’ve spent a lot of money and they’re no further ahead, and there’s nothing that they can do about it at that point in time. And that is shameful. It is a simple sales gimmick that needs to be identified as such. I have never practiced that way.


No one at my company, at any end of this province has ever operated that way, and we avoid that with every fiber of our being. We consider ourselves to be professionals. We consider ourselves to be fair. We’re honest. We have the integrity to tell you this is the case. This is what we can expect.


What you can expect, and what you can guarantee at OTD Legal is that whoever works on your case is working hard and that they have a plethora of experience in order to achieve good or great results for you. I would ask you to consider that when you’re selecting someone to assist you to help you in a traffic court.