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How Do Demerit Points Work in Ontario?

Demerit points are important to every Ontario driver, but how do they work?  How many demerit points can you get before getting into trouble with the MTO?  Are the consequences for demerit points different depending on your class of licence?  How are commercial motor vehicle drivers like transport truck drivers effected by demerit points?  Without a valid driver’s licence the modern Ontarian will face serious difficulties with their day-to-day lives.  How will you get to work, medical appointments, grocery shopping, or get the kids to school?  If your job requires you to drive,, will you be fired?  If so, will you be prevented from finding new employment?

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How To Deal With Traffic Ticket Convictions In Ontario

Your driving record is important and a conviction for a traffic ticket can have surprisingly large consequences and penalties.  Whether you are a regular Ontario driver who needs to drive for work or family obligations, or a professional truck driver whose livelihood is dependent upon their ability to drive, it is important to know how you could end up convicted of an offence, what the consequences of that conviction could mean, and what you can do to try and fix that conviction.

Let’s take a look!

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Ontario Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

In Ontario, commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are the backbone of our economy.  They deliver raw materials and parts to manufacturers as well as finished goods to retailers.  From Windsor to Ottawa, Highway 401 is full of transport trucks 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  Unlike regular cars, transport trucks are larger and heavier.  They are slower to speed up and slower to slow down.  They create unique line-of-sight issues for themselves and other drivers.  They could be carrying simple goods and materials, or hazardous materials that could cause serious environmental and health problems should an accident occur.  As such, professional truck drivers and their companies are held to a very high safety standard when it comes to the law surrounding how they drive.

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Ontario Traffic Tickets – What Are The Consequences?

What are the consequences of getting a traffic ticket in Ontario?  Odds are that you, or someone you know, has received a traffic ticket from the police.  But what are the consequences of being convicted?  Generally, most charges will result in court, licencing, and...

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New Cell Phone Penalties In Ontario For 2019

As of January 1, 2019, new penalties have come into effect in Ontario for driving with a hand-held communication device such as a cell phone.  Previously these charges carried significant fines, demerit points, and generally a significant impact to insurance costs. ...

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New Year’s Eve – How Not To Lose Your Driver’s Licence

New Year's Eve can see a lot of people out traveling on Ontario's roadways to see friends and family and celebrate the arrival of the new year.  However, it can also see people running into trouble with the law.  There are a number of old laws, new laws, and changing...

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Dear Santa, Please Be Mindful Of The Highway Traffic Act

Dear Santa, Thank you for all the wonderful gifts that you bring each year to excited children around the world.  The team at OTD Ticket Defenders Legal Services would like to wish you well as you prepare for this year's travels on Christmas Eve.  However, we did have...

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Christmas Safety! Licence Plates and Impairment

The holiday season should be one of celebration and fun! Enjoying the company of friends and family as well as the wonderful beauty of Canada and the winter season. The last thing that anyone wants during this festive season is to run afoul of the law and end up being...

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Christmas Safety! Accidents and Collisions

The holiday season generally means two things: many more people travelling Ontario's roadways, and, worsening road conditions. Canadian roadways at this time of year can cycle between dry, wet, slushy, and snow covered all within a single day and in any order. With...

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