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Driving without a clear view? What you need to know!

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act covers a staggeringly large number of topics regarding vehicles and how they can be lawfully driven.  It is important to always remember that Ontario’s Ministry of transportation says: “Driving is a privilege - not a right” Following the...

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What Is A Speeding Ticket or Summons?

Speeding tickets are without a doubt the most common offence that the police issue under Ontario's Highway Traffic Act.  Every day thousands of cars travel our province's roadways as Ontarians visit family and friends, go to work, drop off or pickup their children...

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No Licence DUS

There's no doubt that having a driver's licence is an important part of life in Ontario's busy day-to-day life.  But what happens if your licence is no longer valid or becomes suspended?  Think of how integral that licence is to your personal, professional, and family...

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Fail To Report An Accident

What are your legal responsibilities if you are involved in a collision?  Do you need to stop and talk to the other driver?  Can you just leave if the damage is minor?  Do you have to exchange any information with the other driver?  Are you obligated to call the...

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What is Stunt Driving and How Can I fight it?

Stunt Driving is one of the most serious offences that can be issued by police under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act.  Even before setting foot in a courtroom to argue your defence there are penalties that can severely impact your life.  There will be financial penalties, court penalties, as well as licencing and insurability problems that can impact your personal and professional responsibilities.  If you’ve been charged by the police, you’re going to need to seek out critical information to make sure that you are making informed decisions to avoid legal missteps and protect your interests.

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Transport Trucks and Following Too Closely in Ontario

Transport trucks are an important part of Ontario’s economy.  The transportation industry is a major source of employment and is responsible for the delivery of critical materials in our modern ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing and supply economy.  Whether travelling on Highway 400 or 401, or along city streets, transport trucks are a large portion of Ontario’s roadway traffic.  But what happens when things go wrong?  What happens when a transport truck driver breaks the law or is involved in an accident?  What charges can be issued by the police and what are the consequences?  One such issue that has been in the news recently involved Following Too Closely and Stunt Driving charges.

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How To Fight An Ontario Cell Phone Ticket

Ontario cell phone tickets now have even more serious penalties for new charges issued as of January 1, 2019.  It’s rare to find an adult in Ontario (let alone a teenager) that doesn’t own a cell phone and that means people driving vehicles that are in possession of these modern technological wonders.  We use them to keep track of our events and meetings, to send and receive emails, to play games and watch movies, and sometimes even to make an actual phone call.  The siren’s call of a new text or email alert on the phone has become a conditioned response to pickup the phone to see what has happened.  However, if you’re driving that can cause some very serious problems.  The police are actively looking for drivers who are using their cell phones and have recently just concluded a law enforcement blitz to catch these drivers

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How Do I Fight A Speeding Ticket In Ontario?

Speeding tickets are one of the most common traffic tickets that are issued in Ontario.  But how can you fight your ticket?  The easiest and least stressful way to fight your speeding ticket is through a licenced paralegal that knows the law and the court process.  Most people unfamiliar with the law will have some important questions to ask.  What court penalties am I facing?  How will this impact my driver’s licence?  Can this ticket impact my insurance?  If I’m a professional truck driver, will this ticket impact my employer and my employment?  I only have a novice driver’s licence, will I face greater penalties?

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What Are The Consequences Of A Traffic Ticket Conviction?

Traffic tickets are fairly common place in Ontario.  If you haven’t yourself received a traffic ticket, you almost certainly have had a friend or family member that has received one from the police.  Whether you pay it or fight it depends on how serious the consequences of the conviction are.  Will a specific charge from the police result in a small court penalty and minimal impact to your licence?  Or will a conviction result in serious court penalties such as a large fine, imprisonment, or a suspension of your driver’s licence?  A conviction at court can also have an impact on employment or employability, especially if you are a commercial motor vehicle driver such as a transport truck driver.

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Icy Roads In Ontario and the Law

Ontario has seen some incredibly dangerous weather this winter.  Temperatures have fluctuated wildly above and below the freezing mark leading to freezing rain, icy roads, and very dangerous road conditions.  This has lead to many Ontarians finding themselves sliding off the road, becoming involved in collisions, and being charged by the police.  What are some of the most common charges that you need to be aware of?  What are the consequences of a conviction for court penalties, licencing, and insurance?

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