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Traffic Ticket News & Resources

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How to Appeal a Traffic Ticket in Ontario

If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket in Ontario, you don’t have to worry about a traffic ticket going on your record if you’re able to fight the charge, and beat it. The process is lengthy, including months of court appearances in a lower court before the...

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Minor Fine But Serious Consequences

Minor Fine But Serious Consequences   Have you recently gotten a traffic ticket? Thinking about paying the ticket because it is just a “small fine”? Before you do, you will want to read this article!   When someone receives a ticket their first thought is...

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What Uber Driver’s Need To Know If They Get A Traffic Ticket

What Uber Driver’s Need To Know If They Get A Traffic Ticket   If you find yourself one of the thousands of people looking to make some extra cash by becoming a driver for companies such as Uber of Skip The Dishes through the use of their app, it’s important to...

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Can You Go To Jail For A Traffic Ticket?

Can you go to jail for a traffic ticket?   To the surprise of many people, yes, you can go to jail for getting a traffic ticket. Most believe that you will only go to jail for getting serious criminal charges under the Criminal Code. However, there are several...

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