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Traffic Ticket News & Resources

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Vehicle Light Requirements in Ontario – Part 2

Following up from our last post regarding vehicle light requirements we just started to look into vehicle light requirements for vehicles in Ontario.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and motorcycles with side cars all have specific requirements under the Highway Traffic...

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Paralegals in Ontario

Being stopped and charged by the police is stressful enough to begin with.  After the police have driven away and you're sitting there with your ticket(s) in your hand, you're going to have some big questions.  What does this paperwork mean?  What penalties am I...

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Pedestrian Crosswalks and Crossovers in Ontario

What is a pedestrian cross over? A pedestrian crossover is a designated crossing area that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian. Pedestrian crossovers are identified by specific pavement markings and crossing signs...

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Vehicle Lights 101: What You Need to Know

Vehicle light requirements.  Most people in Ontario don't think about this when they slide behind the steering wheel, turn on their ignition, and hit the road.  The news is generally filled with much more exciting traffic violations like stunt driving offences or...

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Everything to know about your vehicles brakes

Brakes are an important safety feature on any vehicle.  From Bicycles to motorcycles all the way up to commercial motor vehicles like transport trucks that could be hauling hazardous materials, brakes are important.  Not only do brakes allow us to safely slow and stop...

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Cannabis 101: Part 5 of 5

The federal Cannabis Act and provincial level Cannabis Control Act of Ontario are the two main bodies of law that the average Ontarian needs to be mindful of now that the recreational use of cannabis is legal across Canada. However, it is also necessary to watch other...

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Cannabis 101: Part 4 of 5

Ontario's new Cannabis Laws span both federal and provincial levels of law.  The federal law for Canada is the Cannabis Act and the main provincial law of Ontario is the Cannabis Control Act.  Now that the recreational use of Cannabis is legal across Canada, people...

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Cannabis 101: Part 3 of 5

Recently we have been discussing the law surrounding the legalization of Cannabis in Ontario.  This has been a major legal change for Canada since cannabis was originally banned in 1923.  With the passing of The Cannabis Act, cannabis is now legal for recreational use...

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Seat Belt Tickets in Ontario

Modern cars have come a long way since they were first invented.  Among the various electronic wonders such as your car being able to tell you when you're leaving your lane or following too closely, there is no simpler safety device than the seat belt.  Seat belt use...

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