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    Traffic Ticket News & Resources

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    Traffic Tickets – Paying fines

    If you like many others in the province and have outstanding fines you might find the Blog informative!   First, you will have to contact the Provincial Offences Court, preferably the location that you had received the tickets/fine in! For example, if you got a ticket...

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    Driver’s Licence Covid Delays

    The Covid delays of the Courts and its process have already caused frustration and strain on a fragile system.  More so, it’s played havoc on the long waiting list that Ontario young drivers have endured with the graduated licensing program.  Prior to Covid, waiting...

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    Stunt Driving – MOMS Act New Legislation

    The Moving Ontarians More Safely Act 2021, or Bill 282,  will provide sweeping changes to Stunt Driving offences (mostly speeding) and other areas of Tow Truck and Impounding Legislation.  The majority of proposed changes revolve around the same issues of last week's...

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    Stunt Driving during Covid-19

    As the Province shuts down for another Covid Closure, or what is being referred to as “emergency brakes”, it appears many driver’s in Ontario have forsaken their brakes! According to a recent news report, Stunt Driving offences are up a whopping 222%, just in Toronto!...

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    Ontario Courts – Closures & COVID-19

    Are the Court’s closed during the Covid-19 pandemic?  Not necessarily. The Ontario Courts of Justice for Provincial Offences were closed across the Province beginning March 17, 2020 and have been closed to the public since.  Various Municipalities began to open their...

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    How to Appeal a Traffic Ticket in Ontario

    If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket in Ontario, you don’t have to worry about a traffic ticket going on your record if you’re able to fight the charge, and beat it. The process is lengthy, including months of court appearances in a lower court before the...

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    Pedestrian Crosswalks and Crossovers in Ontario

    What is a pedestrian cross over? A pedestrian crossover is a designated crossing area that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian. Pedestrian crossovers are identified by specific pavement markings and crossing signs...

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    Vehicle Lights 101: What You Need to Know

    Vehicle light requirements.  Most people in Ontario don’t think about this when they slide behind the steering wheel, turn on their ignition, and hit the road.  The news is generally filled with much more exciting traffic violations like stunt driving offences or...

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    Operate Motor Vehicle No Insurance Offences In Ontario

    Whether you are a regular driver or a commercial motor vehicle driver, automobile insurance protects you as well as anyone harmed by personal injury or property damage should you get into an accident.  Imagine trying to suddenly budget to replace your vehicle due to...

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