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Traffic Ticket News & Resources

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Car Insurance in Ontario

Driving a vehicle in Ontario can either be for fun, to fulfill responsibilities like driving to work, or it can be necessary for you employment especially if you are a commercial motor vehicle driver.  Being able to legally drive is an incredible freedom that allows...

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Your Questions Answered – Part 4

In our frequently asked questions series of articles, we've discussed a number of common questions that people just like yourself have been asking after having been charged by the police.  Being charged by the police can be scary and create a lot of questions.  You're...

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Your Questions Answered – Part 3

In our series of articles on some of the most frequently asked questions about Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act charges in Ontario, we've covered a lot of ground.  Receiving a traffic ticket or summons raises a lot of important questions. ...

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Your Questions Answered – Part 2

If you enjoyed our previous article on some of the most common questions that we get asked and some of the most common things that people need to know, we've got more for you!  Ontario's Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act are complicated...

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Displaying a Screen In Your Vehicle? You need to read this!

Modern technology has been spreading through almost every facet of modern life in Ontario.  People can now hold in their hands an electronic device that holds more computing power than was used to land on the moon.  It is possible to take a picture and send it almost...

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Careless Driving in Ontario

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles travel Ontario's roadways every day.  Often times these vehicles can be at high rates of speed, navigating heavy traffic, or contending with poor road conditions.  Given all of these challenges, it is a surprising that more collisions...

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Radar Detectors 101

There are a lot of electronic devices that can be used to either help enforce the law or to skirt around it.  In Ontario, one of the devices used by police to enforce the law is a laser or radar ‘gun’ to measure the speed of vehicles. It is illegal to have a speed...

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Cannabis 101: Part 3 of 5

Recently we have been discussing the law surrounding the legalization of Cannabis in Ontario.  This has been a major legal change for Canada since cannabis was originally banned in 1923.  With the passing of The Cannabis Act, cannabis is now legal for recreational use...

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Seat Belt Tickets in Ontario

Modern cars have come a long way since they were first invented.  Among the various electronic wonders such as your car being able to tell you when you're leaving your lane or following too closely, there is no simpler safety device than the seat belt.  Seat belt use...

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Everything Novice Driver’s in Ontario Need to Know

One of the most exciting things in life is getting your first driver's licence.  The new found freedom to go and do as you please behind the wheel of your first car.  A new driver can go to visit friends, attend concerts and events, or travel for work or leisure. ...

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Driving Under Suspension

There's no doubt that having a driver's licence is an important part of life in Ontario's busy day-to-day life.  But what happens if your licence is no longer valid or becomes suspended?  Think of how integral that licence is to your personal, professional, and family...

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