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Radar Detectors 101

There are a lot of electronic devices that can be used to either help enforce the law or to skirt around it.  In Ontario, one of the devices used by police to enforce the law is a laser or radar ‘gun’ to measure the speed of vehicles. It is illegal to have a speed...

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Cannabis 101: Part 2 of 2

Cannabis legalization is new to Ontario.  Much of the new laws surrounding cannabis are new to both regular Ontarians as well lawyers and paralegals.  Along with new freedoms and legalization has come a proportionate amount of legal restrictions and responsibilities. ...

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Loud Muffler or Exhaust? What you need to know!

Ontario has come a long way from horse drawn vehicles (although the Highway Traffic Act still contains laws regarding them).  Cars have powerful engines that can accelerate the vehicle quickly causing the tires to squeal or smoke.  Vehicles create exhaust that has to...

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Driving without a clear view? What you need to know!

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act covers a staggeringly large number of topics regarding vehicles and how they can be lawfully driven.  It is important to always remember that Ontario’s Ministry of transportation says: “Driving is a privilege - not a right” Following the...

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What Is A Speeding Ticket or Summons?

Speeding tickets are without a doubt the most common offence that the police issue under Ontario's Highway Traffic Act.  Every day thousands of cars travel our province's roadways as Ontarians visit family and friends, go to work, drop off or pickup their children...

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No Licence DUS

There's no doubt that having a driver's licence is an important part of life in Ontario's busy day-to-day life.  But what happens if your licence is no longer valid or becomes suspended?  Think of how integral that licence is to your personal, professional, and family...

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Fail To Report An Accident

What are your legal responsibilities if you are involved in a collision?  Do you need to stop and talk to the other driver?  Can you just leave if the damage is minor?  Do you have to exchange any information with the other driver?  Are you obligated to call the...

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What is Stunt Driving and How Can I fight it?

Stunt Driving is one of the most serious offences that can be issued by police under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act.  Even before setting foot in a courtroom to argue your defence there are penalties that can severely impact your life.  There will be financial penalties, court penalties, as well as licencing and insurability problems that can impact your personal and professional responsibilities.  If you’ve been charged by the police, you’re going to need to seek out critical information to make sure that you are making informed decisions to avoid legal missteps and protect your interests.

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