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Traffic Ticket News & Resources

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3 Things To Know Before Hiring a Paralegal

3 things you need to know before hiring a legal representative   Having a legal issue is never a fun experience. Being charged by the police can be a frightening, costly, and damaging experience with long lasting consequences if not handled correctly. For that...

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Can you fight a speeding ticket that has been reduced?

Can you fight a speeding ticket that has been reduced?   Getting a speeding ticket is never a fun experience and can be a costly one as well. Not only from the fine amount but also the demerit points that will be imposed on your licence. It is easy to lose track...

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Common Myths About Speeding Tickets In Ontario

5 Myths about Speeding Tickets in Ontario   Speeding tickets - Everyone knows someone that has gotten one at one point or another. Go out for a drive on a long weekend, you will often witness several unfortunate drivers parked on the side of the road with a...

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Sharing the Road – Cyclists

Sharing the Road with Cyclists Continuing on from last week's blog post we started to look at the rights and responsibilities of drivers and cyclists on the roadway, both individually and when they encounter each other. We must share the roadway with all permitted...

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Approaching an Emergency Vehicle in Ontario

When an emergency vehicle is approaching your vehicle from any direction with its flashing red or red and blue lights, or siren or bell sounding, you are required to bring your vehicle to an immediate stop. When bringing your vehicle to a stop, you are required to...

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