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    Ontario Courts – Closures & COVID-19

    Are the Ontario Courts closed during the COVID-19 pandemic?   Not necessarily. The Ontario Courts of Justice for Provincial Offences were closed across the Province beginning March 17, 2020 and have been closed to the public since.  Various Municipalities began to...

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    How to Appeal a Traffic Ticket in Ontario

    If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket in Ontario, you don’t have to worry about a traffic ticket going on your record if you’re able to fight the charge, and beat it. The process is lengthy, including months of court appearances in a lower court before the...

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    Minor Fine But Serious Consequences

    Minor Fine But Serious Consequences   Have you recently gotten a traffic ticket? Thinking about paying the ticket because it is just a “small fine”? Before you do, you will want to read this article!   When someone receives a ticket their first thought is...

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    What Uber Driver’s Need To Know If They Get A Traffic Ticket

    What Uber Driver’s Need To Know If They Get A Traffic Ticket   If you find yourself one of the thousands of people looking to make some extra cash by becoming a driver for companies such as Uber of Skip The Dishes through the use of their app, it’s important to...

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    Can You Go To Jail For A Traffic Ticket?

    Can you go to jail for a traffic ticket?   To the surprise of many people, yes, you can go to jail for getting a traffic ticket. Most believe that you will only go to jail for getting serious criminal charges under the Criminal Code. However, there are several...

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